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  1. Good day everyone, A couple of thoughts for today.. The key to contentment is appreciation for what we have. Every time you want to grumble, think of others who have less; Ask the GOD to keep you humble, grateful for each happiness. Ramesh Ramnani
  2. kausalyasuprajarama! purva sandhya pravartate, uttistha! narasardula! kartavyam daivam ahnikam. O Rama, Kausalaya
  3. One day Lord Shiva decided to visit the earth and try some alcohol. So he changed his get-up and went to a bar in Delhi and asked the bartender: "What all do u have". Bartender: "We have whisky, rum, vodka, gin, beer etc etc." Lord Shiva: "Let's try whisky first, give me 5 bottles of whisky". After having 5 bottles of whisky, Lord Shiva decided to try Rum. Bartender was shocked:"Who is this man, after having 5 bottles of whisky, he is still on his feet". After having 5 bottles of Rum, Shiva decided to have beer. After having 40 bottles of beer, he asked the bartender for Gin. Bartender couldn't stop himself asking him: "Sir, who are you?? I ve seen people getting drunk after having 4 glasses of whisky, and you've almost had 50 bottles and you are still on your feet, who are you"??? Lord Shiva: "VATS, Hum Bhagwaan Shiv hain". Bartender: AB CHADHI ISKO!!! ;D
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    Gender of the Computer

    Last explanation was the best : As soon as you make a commitment to one, you find yourself spending half your paycheck on accessories for it. Ramesh
  5. CONGRATULATIONS INDIA.... Hum Kissi Se Kam Nahi.....Come on India......3 Cheers for India.
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    Love over Friendship??

    I lived for love and gave love Got none in return at all And when I had none to give Found no one there at all When I reach the end, some day No one will ever recall, One who loved so selflessly But was never loved at all. But on a humble tomb, that day, My epitaph will say it all: I chose to love and not be loved Than never to love at all.
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    Love over Friendship??

    Friendship often ends in love; but love in friendship--never.
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    Love over Friendship??

    Actually I am new member and I posted my reply as Guest. Sorry! for the mistake take it as my reply : What else he could have done? How long he is to suffer for no reason and how long one can show his love when the other don't respond or understand the meaning of true love. In my opinion he should leave at once and search for other person as friend who understand him better.
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    Love over Friendship??

    Love is the greatest power in the world. But you have to understand again: by power I don't mean power over others. Power over others is not love; power over others is pure hate, it is poison, it is destructive. But to me, and to anyone who knows, love itself is power -- and the greatest power, because there is nothing more creative than love. There is nothing more fulfilling than love, there is nothing more nourishing than love. When you are in love, all fears disappear, and when you become love yourself, even death becomes irrelevant.
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    Hi to all... I am new in this forum and from India. My few lines of a song : Nadiya chale Chale re Dhara Chanda Chale, Chale re Taara; Tujko Chalna Hoga, Tujko chalna hoga. Ramesh