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  1. Hello my friends, I hope you all feel great. I haven't been here for a long time, but I've been a little stressed because of my work. That's why recently I gave myself some time to be able to distract myself and go out to watch movies and play volleyball again (I had a long time without doing it). To be honest I must say that I'm not as bad as I thought I would be. I had a lot of fun although I don't play as well as I'd like to. I'm currently playing volleyball in the Canary Islands, where I am currently living. How are you? I would like to know what has been of your lives.
  2. Hello my friends I hope you are all very well. I want to tell you that recently I found an excellent tool. I'm talking about PLC Programming Software of Nirtec. This tool is very good as it is a machine simulator. With this tool you can train the staff of your company, or at least you can cover a part of the training. In my case it has come as a ring to the finger since I work in a company and I am in charge of the trainings. I like it because it can be easily programmed if you have the necessary knowledge.
  3. Hello my friends I hope you are all feeling very well today. I want to tell you that a short time ago I was able to find something that undoubtedly caught my attention. I'm talking about the Forklift trucks, and I went to the house of one of my friends and I saw that he has one to move many heavy things. That's when I remembered that in my house I also have many heavy things. So I went to the website and found the page called: Llorsa Forklifts where they sell forklifts. There I bought one which has come out of very good quality. I recommend the site.
  4. Hello all of you, I tell you that for some time now I've been setting up a small restaurant where I live, and in summer the heat is so unbearable that not even the air conditioners of the local are supplied, and as I no longer have space to install another I decided to buy a fabulous fan without blades which refreshes the site and makes almost no noise in addition to being safer especially if there are children in the place, I recommend you all really is phenomenal, here I leave the url of a page which tells you all the advantages of buying one as well as its prices: here I leave you the url of a page where it tells you all the advantages of buying one as well as its prices: Here I tell you all the advantages of buying one as it: How to buy a price: here I leave you the url of a page.
  5. Hello my friends, I hope you are all very well. I want to tell you that I recently went on a trip to Spain. I wanted to go because it is a country that attracts my attention. That's why I planned everything and went to Valencia to spend my holidays there. The truth is that I had a great time and being there I was able to make plans and escapes in Valencia. Everything went much better because I informed myself on the next page which I recommend you: https://experiencesvalencia.com/es/
  6. Hello, everyone, I hope you're wonderful today. I want to tell you that recently I was at home a little bored and listening to music through my headphones. But I realized that after a lot of using headphones I started to lose my hearing. That's why I took my headphones off and decided to buy a speaker. But I wanted to buy a good quality, original speaker. That's why I went to banbu.es where I found an excellent bamboo loudspeaker which came in handy. I highly recommend it.
  7. Hello everyone, I tell you that I love music so much that I became a drummer, and I love it, the other day I heard the musical genre called flamenco and I was fascinated I wanted to play it but I did not know how, so on the web I took some http://www.flamencodrumminglessons.com with the magnificent musician and drummerGullermo McGill and I have learned a lot, I recommend him to everyone, here I leave the url if you want to visit his website: http://www.flamencodrumminglessons.com
  8. Hello my friends, I hope and wish you all well. I want to tell you that I am new to this community and I would like to introduce myself to all of you. I'm an extroverted person and I like to make friends. I also like to watch movies and dance, especially flamenco. It's so much so that I see classes on the Internet in relation to the creation of that kind of music and the truth is that I'm doing very well. I totally recommend it to you and I will leave here the url of the web: http://flamencodrumminglessons.com
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