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  1. no its me khushi next its going to be saurabh
  2. munchkin

    Never quit!!

    Very Motivational...nice post!!
  3. Ofcourse, we are frnds....and I love the advice you give me...you are my frnd, and a very loving bro that i will ever forget..~take care saurabh
  4. Its great to hear this news, but is this only for India or all over the world?
  5. Hello Friends, I thank everyone because no matter what, there is always some sadness along with happiness with people that you know. But, the most important thing is to remember all the good times and good things you did. so if i know youl, you probably have done something good knowingly or unknowingly to me which made a difference in my life, so thanks once again. Happy Thanksgiving for the year 2006!! ~Khushi
  6. There are some really good ones that can drive u crazy..hehe
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