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  1. Neither of them...i am not a movie buff...nd i hate watching idiot box... family or love...wot will u choose..??
  2. For me a friend is a person who can bet his/her life for u nd dont ask for anything in return.. A person whose presence brings fragrance of true friendship in ambience... one who always bring me from d gloom 2 light of joy.... one who knows d magig of converting d sad moments into lively and happier ones.... one who sends love out like magic....whenever i am sad....whenever i need 2 cry he shud be there a frd is d only person on this earth who understands us .... well i was lucky...i have such kindda frd wd me...hes d greatest person anyone could ever imagine.....i havnt nor do i think i will again meet a guy with such a transparent soul.. i Can do ny damm thing for my frd ......anything....uske liye tho if god snatch my life away no grudges....
  3. pyaar dosti hai.. ... Someone who can't be your BEST FRIEND ,will never be your lover!!! so,two lovers should be best friends
  4. nopes its me...charu jain.. next saurabh.
  5. nopes it me...charu..jain.. since i hardle knoe nyone...next will be sau i gusee...saurab..
  6. love cannot be defined, just felt. It is like feeling cold, hot...what is cold, what is hot? Can you explain? No. Everything you can do is to say what happens when you are cold and when you are hot, and it happens with the love to. If someone says, for example, "Love is when you cannot live without the other person", the person is saying a consequence of the love, but not what is the love itself. Because it has no explanation. It is a feeling from your soul, from your mind, a deep feeling...that was not made to be explained, but just felt, just lived...try to be simple. You can sometimes try to understand it, its meaning, but never explain really it. Sometimes you can try to understand how to deal with it, but never explain. And is it bad? No, in my opinion not. There are many things we cannot explain, but that we can live with and just be happy with
  7. charuzen


    hey guyss...wishing u all a very grand holi....enjoy each nd every moment of it.....nd play safe
  8. ;D ;D...oh cum'n guyzz...stop fighting....d winner is back....d old champ is back on spicy.....
  9. D one nd only Rajpal yadav.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 howzz dat buddy....???????
  10. next would be..........lemme guess........... honey.....
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