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Makeup Tip: 6 Easy and Simple Steps to Look Gorgeous!

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Every woman wants to look gorgeous and always get confidence by looking beautiful. It is the time to enjoy and we want to make sure we are at our best.

So one of the most important thing is choosing the right dress, shoes and accessories and then comes the party make-up. But if your makeup is not done properly then this can turn out to be the greatest disaster.

Your look is based on the right amount and usage of makeup. Makeup can make or break your pretty look. The best look can be getting only with the best understanding of yourself and the use of products at hand.

So here a few makeup tips to make sure you don’t have to rush to the salon for a party makeup.

Make tips: How to Look Gorgeous!


Here are some useful makeup tips that will help you to look pretty and gorgeous.

First choose your dress, your footwear and related your accessories. After that all the elements are together can you decide how much to go on the make-up part.


  • Choose the Right Colors:


It is one of the most important makeup tips to make you look prettier and gorgeous. The right colors for your skin tone and for your eye color are all the important things that you're going to want to take into consideration.

Therefore choosing the right colors is very important thing!

  • Don’t Plaster Foundation:


Whenever you are putting on your foundation, the most important step that you're going to have to remember is not to plaster on the foundation.

There is a big difference between concealing and actually caking your foundation on.

Remember that just a thin layer can work wonders, girls!

  • Balm before Lipstick:


This is also one makeup tip to make you look beautiful that I actually love!

Putting on a touch of balm before you swipe on your lipstick will leave your lips feeling absolutely beautiful and will leave them silky soft!

  • No Thick Eyeliner:      


Thick eyeliner can be great in some instances, but if you are heading to the office, you don't need a huge line of thick eyeliner.

Just a thin line can do wonders for your beautiful eyes and really draw them out!

So girls, ditch the thick lines and go with something a bit subtler.

  • Brush Lashes before Mascara:


This makeup tip to make you look more gorgeous!

Just a quick swipe of an eyebrow brush through your lashes will make them separate and will make them appear longer and thicker!

  • Powder to Set:


Finally the last makeup tip to make you look beautiful that we're going to talk about is using powder!

Just a little translucent powder can work wonders for your skin and can make it appear completely flawless.

It also helps set the rest of your makeup so it lasts all day.

Makeup was never meant to be caked and plastered on girls. It's supposed to enhance your own beauty.

So, what other makeup tips do you use to make yourself look prettier and gorgeous? Comment your tips to below comment box…

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