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post-17-0-34418200-1375782223.jpg Lamborghini Cars

Lamborghini is an Italian car manufacturer that was founded by Ferruccio Lamborghini in 1963 with the objective of competing with Ferrari. Lamborghini gained international acclaim in the 60’s for the Muira and after hard times starting from the mid 1970’s to filing for bankruptcy and three changes in ownership, Lamborghini came under Chrysler 1987. The company was eventually sold to Audi in 1998 and in the start of this century it eventually started to witness success under Volkswagen.

2016 Lamborghini Urus


It’s almost confirmed thatLamborghini would bring their Urus SUV to India. Stated for an international launch in 2016, the Urus was first shown at the Beijing Motor Show earlier this year and the model is the spiritual successor to the LM002 4x4 from 1986. As is the case with most Lamborghini names, the name Urus comes from a very large and powerful wild bull that was common in central Asia and Europe in the middle-ages. Lamborghini is aware of the expectations from the SUV and the manufacturer promises that the Urus will set a new performance benchmark for SUVs. "The Urus is the most extreme interpretation of the SUV idea," said Stephan Winkelmann, President and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini. The SUV will be priced at around 1.5crore and like the Aventador, the Urus uses carbon fibre for its chassis and body.



In terms of styling the Urus has a very angular design which echoes the canned Estoque saloon concept.Lamborghini bosses say it will be the world’s fastest-accelerating and best-handling SUV. The SUV is expected to be 4.99 meters long, 1.66 metres high and the design is stunning with a typical Lamborghini nose mounted high and razor sharp lines similar to those on the Aventador. The wheel arches are typical of Lambo and the massive haunches make this car an eyeball magnet. The 24-inch wheels are forged from matte-finish aluminium and are stunning.

The Urus will use innovative and adaptive aerodynamics with variable ride height and a height-adjustable front spoiler and the aero balance of the Lamborghini Urus can even be adjusted to suit the prevailing driving conditions.
No detailed technical information is yet known but the Urus could use a modified version of the VW Group’s new 4-litre twin-turbo V8 or a 6-litre W12. Lamborghini is targeting a 100kmph time of around four seconds with a top speed of around 300kmph.
The chassis could be shared with the Audi’s variable large car four-wheel-drive MLB platform and is likely to make heavy use of torque vectoring. The SUV will have height adjustable suspension that lowers at high speed.
Lamborghini’s head of development, Maurizio Reggiani has said that the platform of the Urus is being developed within the VW group to underpin the next generation of Porsche Cayenne, Audi Q7 and Bentley’s SUV. Regarding the mechanicals, Reggiani said, ‘We looked at having the gearbox in the rear for ideal weight distribution but now I think we will end up with a conventional drivetrain with engine, gearbox, centre differential and real differential, as it is lighter and we can share components across the group.’ Revealing more details on the SUV Reggiani further added, ‘We will use forged composite for the body panels, the structure and for many of the aesthetic parts in this car. No one else in the group will have this material and it saves us a lot of weight, especially in the interior because we don’t have to cover it in leather, as it looks really cool anyway!’ said Reggiani.

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