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Rules 2 live by 4 Building An Honourable Character

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From Our Ancestors Comes OUR NAME


Rules to live by For Building  An Honourable Character

  • 1. Become labeled as trustworthy-a person of integrity
  • 2.Don't cheat.
  • 3. Don’t steal-Never take anything without asking. Borrowing without permission is stealing.
  • 4 Choose your friends carefully-You reveal your character not only by the company you keep, but by the company
  • you avoid.
  • 5. Don't try to buy friendship - Try to stay away from people who do that. Friendship is not for sale
  • 6.Associate with people of the highest character.
  • 7. Choose your direction based on values-Do the right thing
  • for the right reasons. Practice goodness because that is the right thing to do.
  • 8. Live by the philosophy - always give more than expected -go the extra mile. Always give more than you get paid for.
  • 9. Keep your commitments. Don't let people down.
  • 10. Seek responsibility not control.
  • 11. Find happiness by helping others - Go out of your way to do something for somebody
  • 12. Learn to maintain confidentiality - Do not disclose anything told in confidence.
  • 13. Don't speak ill of people behind their backs - It shows poor character.
  • 14. Constantly strive to keep your conscience alive.
  • 15. Don't pre-judge people-Get all the facts. We accept or reject people based on their lifestyles. Lifestyles can be deceptive.
  • 16. Be yourself. Don't pretend. Avoid being a phony - but this does not mean you show your worst side. Don't take pride in your negatives. Strive to improve but don't put yourself down.
  • 17. Help others. You won't succeed because others fail -Have a helpful attitude. To help, one has to go out of their way. It doesn't happen by the way. Helpfulness is not an exchange of favors. It is incidental to friendship and must be practiced.
  • 18. If you make a mistake, say you are sorry. Be patient when someone makes a mistake. Don't re-experience other people's mistakes. Learn from them and avoid your own. Mistakes are certain, misery is optional.
  • 19. Make your parents proud-They are counting on you. Be thankful to your parents for all they have done. It is a great heritage to have honest parents. Leave a legacy for your children.
  • 20. Always use soft words and hard arguments and not the reverse.
  • 21. Sincere 'please' and 'thank you' never go out of style -stay away from meaningless and phony pleasantries.
  • 22. Practice good listening. Don't interrupt and don't complete other people's sentences.
  • 23. be gentle. It is a sign of strength - Only the weak are cruel.
  • 24. Self-worth is more important than net worth.
  • 25. Beware of rumors and gossip mongers - Keep your conversation on a positive tone without malice or envy: Abstain from loose and frivolous talk. Don't laugh or take pleasure in other people's misfortunes. Don't make fun of others even when the occasion arises.
  • 26. Stay occupied - Build a community that benefits everyone at large. Find a cause or a hobby. It is relaxing.
  • 27. Read a good book every week. It enriches your soul.

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i agree with u saurabh ,but the 20th point doesnt match me ,becoz when ever i argue i shout , i screem,i try my best to avoit this bad habit ,but i m helpless.help me

if im wrong i can tolerate the fire given by elders,but when im right,still i get the fire, i cant ...............................

that my weakness

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