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    Dear reader I hope you feel very well and that your wife is totally healthy. In my case I went through something similar and decided to rest with my whole family throughout the month of December. Well, most of the time we work and do not spend quality time with our loved ones. All this has changed and I really can not complain these last few days have been a great blessing to me. I was able to meet my family and old school friends again. I am also very happy because I have been prosperous in my business and I was notified that next year I will be approved a new product that I had in mind to launch to market. This is why we decided to organize a marbella boat party to celebrate life and all our achievements. It would be interesting if you could give me some tips to make this an unforgettable day. Greetings
  3. There is something that I always like to talk about and transmit, and it's about education, no doubt it's always good to be learning new things, I particularly do it in a fun way. As lately I am learning Spanish because I like the culture of South America very much and I would like to visit it, because I also take advantage of it and I practice it learning other things. For example, this course at https://es.trabajo.org/empleo-auxiliar+de+enfermería teaches you a little bit of nursing. Something that interests me a lot also know. The truth is that it is the funniest way I have to learn, sometimes I do not understand certain things of the class and I force myself to look for or investigate its meaning in order to move forward. That makes it an incredible challenge. You should try it out.
  4. Do not you think it will be great to get the ideal job without having to search until the end of the world? Well, I commented that for me it was not easy to get the job I wanted, in fact, it happened a long time before finding the right place, I tried on many platforms and nothing that worked but one day a friend from the university told me about this website from Job Search where I finally managed to get on what I'm really good at, today I want to recommend this website where I am sure they will find what is right for you. us.trabajo.org
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  6. Friends, it is always good to have an excellent professional education in many areas, I have dedicated myself to learn a little bit in my spare time until I find the place where I belong and where I want to feel good working all my life or at least until I become independent. The truth is that recently I came across a good cursos wedding planner offered by euroinnova's friends on their website. I invite you to take a look, you may think it's something simple, but the truth is that I assure you that you will learn a lot and that you will have a great time with the people you know inside. Cheer up and learn, they offer many interesting courses.
  7. Friends, I know that lately certain economies may be difficult and many are even planning to migrate to other countries, in search of dreams, new opportunities or even different things, I tell you that I migrated to Spain some time ago and I like this country, but of course, I prepare myself enough to find a new job, the web of trabajo.org was very key in that too, it helped me get it super fast, and encouraged me to come and try my luck, I am a lover of Barcelona, but I live and work in Madrid, which is also a great city. Little by little I have known this country and I fell in love with it, I also continue learning and improving my Spanish more and more, but I recommend you this country, Europe a delight.
  8. Some people believe that passionate love is forever, that getting a person to deposit their love with and with whom they have affinity will make them feel an infinite passion and when this does not happen, then they believe they failed in their relationship and tell themselves I can't fall in love again. Changes in relationships are normal, it is not common that a couple always live in love as when they started their relationship, and some people to see that the feelings are getting colder or come to a more mature romance or different, believe that their relationship is useless and question whether they are the culprits of that situation. Also have many expectations about a relationship and this does not work, can generate anxiety and loss of emotional control, because the person can create an image above reality and then when they do not generate the same strong feeling they expected to be disenchanted remarkably. All these factors make the person believe or feel that you can not fall in love again, but the important thing is to understand that passionate love is lived at times, that you should not have very high expectations of the other person or that the traumas of a bad moment spent in another relationship, not necessarily repeat in a new relationship, that love can have different edges and you must know how to adapt to each of them as time passes.
  9. how are they? Currently I tell you that I am very excited about the birth of my nephew, we are planning a baby shower and I would like to give you something that the baby can really use and be useful. what dou you recommend?. On Buyviu.de, I found some baby products, I don't know what you think? Which products do you recommend from that store?
  10. We work hard to get a love, but it is not always easy for us, we take for granted that it will appear when the time is right, but finally if we do not give our best, we will not succeed. However, believing in you can give a drastic turn to this issue because by believing in yourself people will be able to see what differentiates you from others. Have you thought about investing time in a relationship platform? you should try, because no doubt you can meet someone out there, you never know, life is very strange and can give you new horizons without you know it, but even if not, be happy with your singleness, enjoy that time to know yourself better, give yourself love and seek new things that can help you improve your life, do not stay in the past and seek new people, the past is not always the best thing to remember who you are, but do not worry, new tools will come if you serve you. Do not judge and learn from the person you know, maybe that person does not have the same views as you, but that person can change your world in a positive way.
  11. Knowing that we must use any tool that helps us to improve productivity, we have to take into account the importance of having G Suite in our company. This is a powerful tool that helps the company have greater advantages, because apart from increasing profits, reduces costs, having to use them with a minimum investment that will have a faster return than expected. G Suite allows access to all company documents from any browser or mobile phone, anytime, anywhere, only with administrator authorization. It also provides 24/7 email and direct phone support with Google. It offers from 30 GB of storage, depending on the plan that the company chooses, in addition to total control of data and administrative, among many other advantages. It offers three plans each with important applications such as Google Calendar, Hangouts Chat, Hangouts Meet, Google Docs, Forms, Sheets, Sites and Slides, Google Drive, Gmail, Google Keep, Administrator, Vault, Google Cloud Search and Mobile Devices, in addition to 30 GB storage in the Basic Plan and unlimited storage in the G Suite Business and G Suite Enterprise plans. You can currently try the G Suite Business promo code for free by entering the link referring to your country and area.
  12. Hello , how are you? I am currently I am doing internships in an Indian motel, I am in Varanasi. I am very happy to be here. It is another culture and beautiful place. Now in one of the distant places of the hotel there is a problem with cockroaches, it is necessary to solve this issue for the sake of our image. Any recommendation?. in roaches.site I got information about cockroaches. I would like to know if any of you have used these techniques or have any special recommendations. I appreciate your help
  13. If you leave your city and you have to move to another one where you have to move in some vehicle, it is not necessary that you look for a rental car anywhere, the best thing is to make the reservation of your car from the place from where you leave so that when you arrive at your destination you already have the vehicle at your disposal. In the online site carrental.deals you can get the vehicle of your preference, which you can count on at the same time you make the reservation. They also offer the last minute car rental service, so if you have to leave unexpectedly, you can count on getting the rental car at your disposal without any problem. If you want to go on holiday with your family and you want to do it by car, there is the possibility of renting a minivan with a capacity for up to seven people, so that the whole family can travel comfortably and without problems. If you want to make a good impression on a particular person, you can rent a luxury car, which will make you notice immediately. All the vehicles you have for rent are in excellent condition and the price can be up to 50% cheaper than if you rent it at a car agency.
  14. Having skills that distinguish us from other people is something necessary although many times we do not take advantage of it, I am a lover of cooking and one of the characteristics that distinguishes me is to have all my work instruments in perfect condition although it is not as easy as it seems because other people influence so that your work is perfect, have a good Knife sharpening services is of vital importance to me, my business and my distinction, and to you what makes you special?
  15. Hello everyone, I hope you are well, I tell you that I did not know how to write the numbers in English and I had to learn since I was going to open a bank account in the United States soon, so I took the mobile and browsing Google I found a website called https://numerosingles.net with which I studied and I could learn quickly, something that was very useful and of great help to me, I recommend you all, here I leave the url to you if you are interested: https://numerosingles.net
  16. Very good to all of you, I want to tell you that I'm learning English because I love this language, but I had a hard time learning how to say the numbers, until surfing through Google I found a good website called https://numerosingles.net in which they explained them very well and I could learn them, I recommend all of you, here I leave the url if you need more information on the subject: https://numerosingles.net
  17. Friends, for those who have planned a trip or especially have specific destinations to choose from, I would like to recommend a blog that helped me a lot. I had already traveled to India and wanted to know one or another interesting destination. With the help of my friends at www.thenomadvisor.com I was able to list many destinations of which I knew very little. I hope you will visit them and take a look at all they have to offer.
  18. Hi Friends, I am sharing with you all the rakhi prepared by me . If you are also among one which make rakhi at your home.... do share the creative rakhi in the comment box Do let us know which you like the most Eagerly waiting to hear from you !!! happy Rakhi in advance
  19. Creative hand made rakhi ideas for innovative sisters Sharing with you all the rakhi made by me.
  20. Artist(s): Lata Mangeshkar
    Tracks 00:27 Dekho Maine Dekha Hai Ek Sapna 05:46 Dheere Dheere Bol Koi Sun Na Le 09:44 Hum Bane Tum Bane Ek Duje Ke Liye 14:49 Mehboob Mere 19:41 Paon Choo Lene Do Phoolon Ko 22:47 Hum Tum Yug Yug Se 26:21 Laagi Chhute Na Ab To Sanam 30:32 Zihale - E- Miskin 36:09 Is Mod Se Jaate Hain 40:53 Aa Mere Hamjoli Aa 46:37 Main Jis Din Bhula Doon Tera Pyar Dil Se 51:24 Jaiyo Na Jaiyo Na 57:00 Suno Kaho Kaha Suna 1:01:09 Tum Kya Mile Jaane Jaan Pyar Zindagi Se Ho Gaya 1:05:29 Le Le Dil De De Dil 1:10:00 Aaj Kal Mein Dhal Gaya 1:14:21 Aa Mulakaton Ka Mausam Aa Gaya 1:20:27 Kya Mil Gaya Hai Kya Kho Gaya 1:25:22 O My God Tum Mujhse Karte Ho 1:31:14 Yeh Hai Mera Premi Mujhko Kare Salaam
  21. What is your favorite place in mallorca? For a few days I am in these wonderful lands, and as I am a person who usually exercises. I am looking for fun ways to do it, besides that, I consider that mallorca is one of the best places to exercise outdoors. I think cycling has become part of my lifestyle. In the morning I have a routine in which I travel beautiful places on a special mountain bike through a Bike Rental service and it is a very special experience. What places do you recommend me to visit? I am currently cycling in a place called Sa Calobra, which is a place that I recommend a lot. Similarly if you have other suggestions it would be excellent. Thank you.
  22. The name of the festival, Raksha Bandhan is made up of two words, Raksha (Protection) and Bandhan (Relation). On this day, a sister ties ‘Rakhi’ around her brother’s wrist while the brother undertakes an oath to protect his sister until death. He vows to stand by his sister through thick and thin. Sisters tying the sacred thread around the wrists of brothers is a symbol of attachment, meant to strengthen their bond of love. More than a colourful, decorative silk thread, Raksha Bandhan has been a celebration of the lifelong bond between brothers and sisters, sprinkled with love, occasional fights and a dash of bitter-sweet nostalgia for a shared childhood. While many brothers keep the rakhi on their wrists for weeks or even months to come, the festive thread eventually finds itself in a forgotten corner of a drawer or worse, a garbage bin and we all fails to realise is that the plastic beeds used in the rakhis is further contributing to plastic pollution. This year on the occasion of Rakshabandhan, the idea of going green is catching all. So, here we are sharing number of eco-friendly rakhi making ideas, which can be reused after the occasion, choose your one: Plantable seed rakhi A rakhi which can be sown and grown into plant helping India become greener and cleaner. This year, you can make a choice to celebrate rakhi with a gift that grows as your love grows! Plantable rakhi is a gift to your brother and to Mother Earth too. The concept behind a ‘plantable seed rakhi is very interesting, that in these rakhis we can put seeds inside them that you can bury and see them grow into a plant, just how you carefully tend to the relationship with your brother. They are one hundred percent biodegradable with paper threads and flower seeds, Terracotta clay rakhi Terracotta clay is made from 100% Natural Red Earth so it environment friendly and sustainable product perfect for Pottery, Sculpting, Terracotta Jewelry making and making Artifacts beside all of these uses we can make rakhi also with the help of it so here we are sharing some ideas for making terracotta clay rakhi Paper Quilled Rakhis All of us love to use paper quills in our art projects, so why not use them in our rakhis as well? Paper quilling are unique and completely bio-degradable, and another great thing is, they can be customized as per our choice of design. Rakhi from Dry fruits and spices Rakhi from Fresh Flowers and Leaves
  23. Speaking of interesting towns in Spain to enjoy an excellent climate, a gastronomic wealth unique in seafood, a production of citrus and other vegetable delicacies, we are talking about Denia to the far north of Alicantes, a spectacular place to have a real estate, as its European impact makes the community a pleasant visit and a wonderful cultural combination, with its British touch and Norwegian audience, gives us a place touched by the sky. I like to talk about the more than three hundred yes, this significant number of restaurants present there in one place, you imagine an almost complete year delighting you in each of them, this makes you think of being a gourmet, because the cuisine of Denia, is the best of the sea, just taste those exquisite dishes of "Red Shrimp Denia" or the "Rice a banda", or that variety such as Grilled Vegetables, variety of fish, octopus, shells and seafood make this place a craving to look for and buy a property for sale, because the main desire is to contemplate an extraordinarily wonderful landscape and when I mention my real estate cravings, when I talked with some Norwegian friends, they replied smilingly: "my friends look for a Properties for sale Denia"; and the result will be known to live with a little piece of sky that is poetically Spanish. For this I suggest you consult on the web a serious agency with excellent ethics in real estate.
  24. Hello friends. How are you? I hope you are well, I tell you that I am in search of a site where I can do via web massage ads singapore , I would like you to give me your views on the subject thank you. Greetings
  25. Hi, I hope everyone is well, I've been briefing myself on which is the best Bahrain university I would like my brother to have a quality education, I would like him to study at Applied Science University, I would like your opinion on this, since in the paricular I think it's a very good university.
  26. When it comes to equipment for improving the body, electrostimulation is currently used in many sports centers. This is a great technological advance in the field of sport, health and beauty and consists of the emission of electrical impulses to the muscles, in the same way that our own body does through the different cells of the body. It is used in the field of aesthetics as a treatment for the rapid and constant decrease of body mass and is an active exercise that increases muscle mass and strength and strengthens the structure and flexibility of the body, also improving the state of the skin. The electrofitness i-Motion is a revolutionary and increasingly popular training method that combines active gymnastics with electrostimulation muscle impulses, performing an intense training similar to any other type of anaerobic training, but saves considerably time and energy. Electro-fitness is recommended for people who want to lose weight, reduce cellulite, tone the muscles of the body, gain muscle mass, improve strength and endurance, and increase fitness and fitness level so many athletes work with this type of treatment. The main benefits of i-Motion are it helps to give more strength and muscle mass, it improves the body and combats the sedentary lifestyle, it helps to lose weight and general and localized weight loss, it helps to reduce cellulite and prevents the appearance of it. Contributes to the recovery of muscle injuries, fights stress and improves mood, this and much more among its many applications.
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