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    Singer - Lata Mangeshkar
    Music By -  Chitalkar Ramchandra    
    Lyricist -  Kavi Pradeep    

    Lyrics / Video of Song : Ae Mere Wattan Ke Logo, Zara Aankh Me Bharlo Paani


    ae mere vatan ke logo
    tum khub laga lo nara
    ye shubh din hai ham sab ka
    lahra lo tiraga pyara
    par mat bhulo sima par
    viro ne hai pran ganvae
    kuchh yad unhe bhi kar lo
    kuchh yad unhe bhi kar lo
    jo laut ke ghar na aye
    jo laut ke ghar na aye

    ae mere vatan ke logo 
    zara ankh me bhar lo pani
    jo shahid hue hai unki
    zara yad karo qurbani
    ae mere vatan ke logo 
    zara ankh me bhar lo pani
    jo shahid hue hai unki
    zara yad karo qurbani
    tum bhul na jao unko
    ishliye suno ye kahani
    jo shahid hue hai unki
    zara yad karo qurbani

    jab ghayal hua himalay
    khatare me padi azadi
    jab tak thi sans lade vo
    jab tak thi sans lade vo
    phir apani lash bichha di
    sagin pe dhar kar matha 
    so gaye amar balidani
    jo shahid hue hai unki
    zara yad karo qurbani

    jab desh me thi divali
    vo khel rahe the holi
    jab ham baithe the gharo me
    vo jhel rahe the goli
    the dhanya javan vo apne
    thi dhanya vo unki javani
    jo shahid hue hai unki
    zara yad karo qurbani

    koi sikh koi jat maratha
    koi sikh koi jat maratha
    koi gurkha koi madrasi
    koi gurkha koi madrasi
    sarahad pe maranevala 
    sarahad pe maranevala 
    har vir tha bharatvasi
    jo khun gira parvat par
    vo khun tha hidustani
    jo shahid hue hai unki
    zara yad karo qurbani

    thi khun se lath-path kaya
    phir bhi banduk uthake
    das-das ko ek ne mara
    phir gir gaye hosh ganva ke
    jab ant-samay aya to
    jab ant-samay aya to
    kah gaye ke ab marate hai
    khush rahna desh ke pyaro
    khush rahna desh ke pyaro
    ab ham to safar karte hai
    ab ham to safar karte hai
    kya log the vo divane
    kya log the vo abhimani
    jo shahid hue hai unki
    zara yad karo qurbani

    tum bhul na jao unko
    ishliye kahi ye kahani
    jo shahid hue hai unki
    zara yad karo qurbani
    jai hind jai hind ki sena
    jai hind jai hind ki sena
    jai hind, jai hind, jai hind

  3. New Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts



    Windows 10 opened up a world of new keyboard shortcuts to better navigate and utilize the new operating system’s interface and features. Below is a set of some of the new keyboard functions available for Windows 10 users


    Command prompt shortcuts
    The revised Windows 10 command prompt will also be getting new shortcuts, making it easier to use


    General Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts
    There are plenty of returning keyboard shortcuts to go along with all the new Windows 10 shortcuts. The following are some of the most basic, general, and sought-after keyboard shortcuts for general day-to-day use for Windows users.



    1.      Exam: Actuarial Common Entrance Test (ACET).

    2.      Test Centre: Jaipur India and other

    3.      Exam conducted jointly by 

    ·         Institute of Actuaries of India(IAI)

    ·         Aptech computer education

    It has been more than three consecutive times , the problems  being faced by students at ACET centres including power bacvkup and Internet connectivity issues…

    Today has been a Havoc for students. The first slot started the exam at 9 AM and was not able to submit the test due to internet connectivity issue. There was no alternate connection available…

    The exam has to finish in two hours but students were sitting idle on computer desk waiting for something to happen….

    The next batch which had to start at 11:30 AM did not started by 1 PM. The students and parents were standing outside in scorching heat with no proper communication given to them.

    How the exam ended - The invigilator talked on phone with their head office and shared the roll no and said individual student that your exam has been submitted

    I wonder how this can be submitted without internet connection ….

    Actuary, the highest paid profession which is still unknown (new) to students and such mismanagement leads to demotivation and stress among them and their parents and leave a question mark on chosen career path.


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    The first step to display Leadership traits,  execute the actions  and learn further is by getting an opportunity... In an organization it may refer as a Position where you are given a chance to demonstrate your skills.


    Sometimes you get the position or sometimes you have to grab the position with efforts and tactics....


    Yes but when you have position ....you are on Leadership Table ....And then the journey begins.


    With this blog I invite all of you to join me on Leadership Table. let all of us explore the levels of leaderships and how to move forward in the leadership discovery.

    Do share how will you feel sitting on Leadership table......







  5. blog-0378326001416909251.jpegYou're trying to paint a large area, but you only have a small brush.


    Your strokes are careful and calculated. You're doing a neat and precise job, but you're also doing things the hard way.

    Go easy on yourself and get a large brush.


    Make your strokes gigantic so you can cover more area with less effort. 

  6. blogentry-19-0-16951200-1409504804_thumb

    Dronacharya – The Mentor. The employee who doesn’t like working himself but is always ready to guide and train new joiners.

    Bhishma – The Loyal. The employee in a relatively senior position who happily assists the boss in spite of knowing his incompetence (because of some strange oath maybe)

    Dhritarashtra – The blind boss. He knows that everything is wrong with his project but will still let it function, without making any changes to the current processes

    Gandhari – The Yesmen/Women. Boss’s immediate juniors who know that they are a part of an evil plan but will stay blindfolded and pretend as if nothing is happening

    Yuddhisthira – The ethical guy. Poor chap would never fudge timesheets and call in sick only when he is dying

    Bheema – The angry resource. Always ready to pick up a fight with his peers, subordinates or even the bosses

    Arjuna – The cool dude. The star performer who also knows how to sell his skills. A natural charmer, very famous among the ladies

    Nakul & Sahdev – The good average resource. No one notices them. They keep doing their work and get average appraisals

    Duryodhana – The Bully. Knows how to get work done, by hook or by crook. Doesn’t mind threatening the likes of Nakul and Sahdev to get his work done.

    Karna – The unsung hero. The best performer in the office but never claims credit for his work. Stays an unsung hero for all his life. Girls take him for a snobbish nerd.

    Shakuni – The evil plotter. Copies management in every mail. Escalates every trivial issue, sometimes to take credits and sometimes purely for fun

    Dhristadyumna – The One inning wonder. The one who performs an extraordinary feat, and then basks in the glory of it for the rest of his life


    Draupadi – The shared resource. Keeps hopping projects on boss’s advice

    Krishna – The Ultimate Boss (PM/CTO/CEO) who knows that it is his game while he makes everyone believe that they are playing important roles too

    How many Mahabharata characters like these have you seen in your office?

  7. Quickly add an entire column or row by clicking in the first empty cell in the column. Then enter ALT + ‘=' (equals key) to add up the numbers in every cell above.


  8. blog-0398998001408614163.jpgThey say lying is an art and not everyone can do it well. Those who do it well pat their own back by saying they can manage any kind of situation. Do we even lie (to ourselves) when we deal with our finances? Yes, we do. People lie to themselves in a lot of areas concerned with personal finance such as investments, savings, insurance, expenditure, etc.

    Let us look at the top 10 financial lies we tell ourselves in our day to day lives.

    1) Retirement planning still has lot of time

    We somehow strongly feel that retirement planning can be done at later stages of life rather than starting now. It is a common tendency to ignore things which occur after a long time. Remember the days when we used to study for exams just one day before? This type of thinking is probably continuing with most of us. It is dangerous since life's important goals such as retirement need to be planned well in advance and cannot be achieved overnight (or even within 5-10 years).

    In fact, I suggest you start investing for retirement right when you start earning. It seems funny but with rising inflation, medical costs and uncertainties revolving around our heads retirement life is going to be a costly affair. Use retirement calculator to know how much you need in order to maintain your current lifestyle after retirement. Do not forget to add other expenses such as vacation, dream home, etc.

    2) Term insurance is a waste of money

    We Indians have a tendency to get something in return for what we have done and that has to be in monetary terms. Term insurance has been ignored for years since it does not give back anything in return. However, it is the only form of insurance which actually addresses your need - protection to your family. If it's the question of investment, there are tons of products in the market.

    We could be speaking out the sales pitch of insurance agents who re-iterate the need for traditional products. These products (in various forms) keep coming back to haunt us with changed tactics. No matter what changes happen, they have continuously failed against the biggest evil named inflation.

    3) I have enough health insurance from my employer

    This is a common escapist tactic that we use to protect ourselves from health insurance companies when they try to sell us mediclaim policies. It's good that we are already covered by the employer. But, is it enough? Will the company give us the same benefit till we stay with it? What about the phase when we leave the current organization and join elsewhere? And there are few more similar questions to be answered.

    If you have answers for all the above questions, you need not buy health insurance.  If you are not sure about even one of these, then probably it's time you have one for your entire family.

    4) Fixed deposits are enough to help me reach my goals

    'Conservatism' is a word which I have been hearing a lot since recession. People have suddenly realized that their money is precious and they cannot afford to lose the principal amount invested. And so, they started investing in FDs (fixed deposits) rather than mutual funds or stocks for their goals. They seem to give a blind eye when you talk to them about post tax returns, inflation, etc.

    Well, firstly how many of us have calculated as to how much would be needed to help us achieve our goals. Not many. If returns of 6 or 7 per cent per annum (post taxes) are more than sufficient to build wealth for your future, then go ahead. But, if you feel otherwise, then you need to look to diversify across mutual funds, FMPs (fixed maturity plans), PPF (public provident fund) and so on rather than just stick to one product.

    5) Except LIC, other insurers don't settle my insurance claims

    This is a bit of continuation to point no.2 mentioned above. Yes, LIC has the highest claim settlement ration of 97.73 per cent. But, what about others? Let's see:

    • ICICI Prudential - 96.29 per cent
    • HDFC Life - 95.76 per cent
    • SBI Life - 94.41 per cent
    • Max Life - 94.25 per cent
    • Kotak Life - 92.04 per cent

    These numbers aren't so bad and some of these insurers have settled most of these claims within 1-3 months. Moreover, term plan of LIC is costlier compared to the online plans of private insurers, which provide greater sum assured at a cheaper price. Now, there's nothing wrong with LIC. However, just because it's a government based organization one should not be blinded either.

    6) I will lose my money in mutual funds

    Whenever we talk about mutual funds, this is the most common thing that one gets to hear. You don't stop riding a scooter just because you fell from it once or twice when you were trying to learn. Shouldn't the same principle apply to investments as well?

    Though mutual fund is a single name, it comes in different varieties such as equity, balanced and debt. They have different objectives and strategies. You need to pick the one which suits your risk appetite and time frame of your goal. Not all mutual funds will eat away your money in bad situations. For example, liquid fund is an example of debt fund which can serve as an alternative to your savings bank account with sufficient liquidity.

    7) I don't need a financial advisor

    This is probably the most said financial lie. We have a gut feeling in our hearts that managing personal finance is child's play and a financial planner or advisor only works for his advantage and we don't need such people to advise us. EPF (employees' provident fund) contribution, tax deduction and a couple of FDs - that's it. We are done with our financial plan. Or so we think.

    We visit a doctor when there is a health issue; we visit a lawyer when there is a law related issue. But, why not a financial planner when there is a financial issue? The problem is that we don't recognize financial issues till they have actually happened.

    8) I have control over my spending

    We keep telling ourselves that we have control over our spending and don't need to make a budget. In fact, we keep applying for credit cards with the same impression. Most people say they use credit cards only when it's necessary. Does that really happen always? Yes, credit card has reward points and few other advantages. But, it remains good only if you pay bills on time, do not default, do not frequently transfer balance to another card or do not go for settlements.

    9) Personal loan is the best option during emergency

    Whenever there is an emergency, we only look to apply for personal loans. We believe that there is no other option other than personal loan. But, do you know that you can apply for a loan against fixed deposit, gold, insurance and PPF? And these can be availed at better rates too.

    And the final one -

    10) I cannot invest now

    Whenever people are asked to invest for their future, most people say their plates are full with EMIs, household spending and so on. So, can you compromise on your goals? No one would want to. You have to make space for regular investment. It may mean you have lesser money to spend on entertainment, vacations and so on. If you are ready to make these sacrifices, then you will be ready to invest for your future. Intentions are more important than numbers.

    Source : ndtv


  9. blog-0125783001378353325.jpg

    A good teacher must know how to arouse the interest of the pupil in the field of study for which he is responsible.

    S. Radhakrishnan


    Some people excel in mastering the knowledge. Some people are skillful in imparting the knowledge. A teacher is the one who possesses both these qualities and hence is referred to as a treasure of knowledge. 




    The “message” of the teacher to the students is not merely to impart knowledge content of books which is largely information fast getting out of date. But more than that it should be inspiration, by his/her example, towards the process of character building and the use of knowledge for welfare of the community. The total message to the students, and to the community, is the total life of the teacher.

    Daulat Singh Kothari


    One good school master is worth a thousand priests.

    R.G. Ingersoll


    May all knowledge come together and become radiant. A teacher gives knowledge to his student and enlightens him. Thereafter students give knowledge to someone else. In this way, one enlightens the other and knowledge increases . Increasing knowledge by knowledge is know as the Jnana Yagya. The ultimate aim of a Yagya is to increase the glory of knowledge. 

    Yajurveda, 2/21



    The mediocre teacher tells.  The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates.  The great teacher inspires.

    William Arthur Ward


  10. blog-0571922001375160523.jpgWhat is life coaching?


     Life coaching is a means of helping an individual make the best of their life and the opportunities that arise. A life coach will help and guide a client make decisions that the client feels would lead to a more fulfilling and purposeful life. This is achieved via strategies and constant motivation.

    The actual coaching focuses on the client’s present and future life to determine which areas of their life to develop and how to go about it. In a nutshell, life coaching can be described as a cognitive behavioural therapy which is designed to increase a client’s personal happiness.

    The idea is that by helping the individual to personal fulfilment, he or she will not only be happier, but also feel less stressed and able to cope better with day-to-day life and relationships – both personal and work-based. 

    Life coaches say the therapy can benefit anyone from all ages of life and socio-economic background. It can be directed towards eg getting a new job, more fulfilling personal relationships, passing exams, achieving work success, even writing a book. They insist that sessions with a life coach is not the same as talking with family or friends as the latter may have a vested interest in the client remaining in his or her current situation.

    A session with a life coach is not the same as seeing a psychologist or psychiatrist (although both have a policy of never passing judgement on their client). The mental health professional will both look at emotional and psychological issues which are causing a client’s present life difficulty such as depression, addiction etc and try to solve them via an examination of the client’s past life. Life coaching, on the other hand, focuses on the present and future and is geared towards helping the client choose particular goals then assisting him or her in their pursuit of them.

    A study in by the The International Coach Federation in 1998 reported that of the individuals surveyed, 67 per cent said they achieved an increased self-awareness, 57 per cent reported lower stress levels, 62 per cent said they were now better at goal-setting, 60 per cent reported having a more balanced life and 52 per cent said their self-confidence had definitely improved.


    What to expect


     Life coaching sessions can be done face-to-face in a consulting room or the therapists home. They can also be carried out, as is increasingly popular, by telephone. Those who conduct coaching sessions by telephone say it means no lengthy travel for their clients and the client feels more relaxed speaking in the privacy of their own home.

    Telephone sessions typically last from 30 minutes up to one hour and are usually weekly, although gaps between appointments can vary from therapist to therapist. Clients sometimes have just the one session or they can end up working with their coach for several months to a year. The client and the life coach usually decide on a pre-arranged time to call.

    Sessions, which are always confidential, are usually relaxed and positive experiences. 

    The life coach will ask particular questions about you and your lifestyle, motivations, aims etc. Over the course of the first sessions and follow-up appointments they will point you towards understanding your actions and motivations then, with your help, assist you in reaching your goals. Many coaches achieve this by means of a version of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). 

    Over the course of several sessions trust should build up between yourself and the life coach and it should feel like a ‘partnership.’ This will allow the life coach to offer you new perspectives, encouragement and help you identify the self-imposed obstacles in your life which you have erected. Once the obstacles have been identified, the therapist will then help you work towards your goals step by step.

    It is a good idea, prior to meeting your life coach, to try and work out for yourself what goals you would like to achieve through the sessions and whether you feel you are at the point in life where you could benefit from a life coach in terms of allowing yourself to benefit from the experience. 

    Your coach will give you ‘homework’ ie tasks which are custom-made to your life and which will help you learn the psychological tools you need to reach your goals. He or she will also provide a strategy to help you master these exercises.


    Effects and benefits


    One of the major benefits of life coaching is in helping the client deal with the issue of procrastination and get on with the decisions they consciously or unconsciously need to make to better reach their goals. In working towards purposeful goals, the client gets a confidence boost and their self-esteem should improve. This, in turn, makes them feel happier and more relaxed as individuals. Life coaches claim the benefits of the therapy, provided the techniques and strategies are practiced properly, can be long-lasting and extremely effective. 

    Other benefits of life coaching include:

    • Better time management and organisational skills
    • Improved relationships at work and home
    • Allowing you to identify priorities in life
    • Gaining strategies to conquer all fears
    • A shortened time-frame between desiring and achieving your goals
    • Achieving a better balance between your work and extra-curricular life
    • Improved health and fitness (or at least the motivation to attain it)
    • Conquering public speaking
    • Helping you tackle and beat that ‘to do’ list
    • Becoming more career focused and successful
    • Living the type of life you’ve always wanted 
    • Learning to take action and keep the momentum going (ie make your New Year resolutions last!)
    • Gives you a purpose in life

    Have you ever tried Life Coaching?. Do share your experience by adding comments to this post.

    For further questions and discussion, visit our healing section.

  11. Aaru
    Latest Entry

    A question often comes into my mind……… What exactly is surrender?     Whenever you are in some problem you often here, just surrender to God….. just surrender to his will…… what does this phrase exactly mean???   How to surrender, what to surrender??

    In my opinion  there is another phrase that explains it better……. Go with the flow…… trusting the universe(God) that He has a plan for you. 


    This doesn’t mean that u shouldn’t have opinions or choices, or you shouldn’t make efforts to achieve ur goals.  it just means that even if your choices are not fulfilled, having faith that it’s for the best.

    It’s a beautiful experience to just wait and watch what life has to offer you, picking up the opportunities thrown in your way.

    Just for today have faith that the Almighty has a plan for you, and whatever comes your way, happiness, sadness, love, hate whatever….. just embrace it…… Believe from the bottom of your heart that there is a far greater reason behind everything……

    When a twig is floating in the sea, you can just see the few nearby waves pushing and pulling the twig up and down, but in actual, what is going on below the surface, what is causing the way, we cannot see. Respect the fact that you cannot have all the answers all the time, you  can’t understand everything.


    This universe is a beautiful….. beautiful place…… and everything is so organized…. So how can we doubt that we are not taken care of???? How can we doubt ????

    Surrender to me means having faith.  

    And taking the leap of faith is as easy as blinking your eyes, our mind complicates it.

    Faith is a wonderful thing, it can move mountains.

    Just give it a try, and see how amazing your life becomes.

    Ups and Downs comes into your life.  Infact,  I’m writing this coz recently  I have been suffering from so much stress, that’s when I realized  that I’m not going with the flow.

    So, just for today I’m taking that leap of faith, surrendering myself, and enjoying the ride.





  12. Good thoughts to Cherish

    Be nice to others in the same way, as you want others to be nice with you.

    Life is too short to live, so, think good and saybetter and try 2 do the

    best then this world will be more beautiful toyou.

    When money is lost nothing is lost, when health islost something is lost,

    when character is lost everything is lost.

    Live like a candle, which burns itself but giveslight 2 others.

    Impose your own terms upon life, if you don't youwill have 2 accept the

    terms of others.

    Look backwards with gratitude, upwards withconfidence and forward with


    When you truly care for someone you don't look forfaults, you don't look for answers, you don't look for mistakes, instead youfight the mistakes, you accept the faults, and you overlook the excuses.

  13. RED Is the colour of rashness, energy, of soldier, restlessness and revolution. this colour has greatest vibratory force and most powerful of all colours.It is assigned to planet "JUPITER". It is choosen colour of the Revolutionists and anarchist.

    People who like Red are usually stout and strong with strong and robust outlook. It shows virility and vitality. They are zealous, bold rash, determined and have endurance.Adventorous and love the life joy.Courage, sacrifice and martyrdom, love of sport and passionate are the other traits of such persons.The people who use red colour are generally optimistic , entusiastic with high spirits, they do action for the welfare of the society. But such person need guidance for tehir proper development. Red colour is assigned to MARS and protector of female.

    The physical vitality of body depend upon the correct and sufficient intake of red rays. This rays helps heat and body temperature, circulation of blood, psycologically this ray is effective for nervous system giving more confidence,will power and courage. For the person suffering from anaemia, paralysis, irregular circulation of blood and mental depression, the use of red ray is recommended.



    The person who have the liking for Pink colour are social, helpful to other specially the low class, they have deep real love rather than more admiration, are of mild nature without jealousy or malefic. They are sensitive, easily hurt, have depression which are of short duration. The dareker the Red hue, the more depressive mood need to be controlled well in time. The lighter the shade of pink,the more loving, gentle and human nature the wearer possesses.

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    Next to air and water the most important requisite for a human being to stay alive is food. What should one eat? What is the objective of food? How much should one eat? These are the questions which need due consideration.

    What Is the objective of food? The object of man's food is not just to fill his belly, to maintain health or to satisfy his taste but to properly develop his mind and character too. Our intake of food is closely related with our thinking, character and deeds. Age old saying "The kind of food you eat determines the kind of man you are', is equally applicable today also. The taste of a man in different types of food reflects his behavior and character. In fact it is an indicator of one's innermost self. Hence, the objective of our diet should be to consume only those items which contribute to our physical, moral, social and spiritual uplift and promote love, affection, compassion, non violence, peace and similar values of life.

    What type of food we need? Our food should contain all those ingredients which produce energy, health and heat. Our food should have proteins, sugar, vitamins, minerals and fats in adequate quantities and right proportion so that good quality of new cells and R.B.Cs (Red Blood Corpuscles) are produced continuously. Because in our system, millions of R.B.Cs are produced and destroyed every second. It is estimated that in each duration of six years, all the cells and tissues of our body are completely replaced. As the snake changes its old skin by the new one every six months, similarly our body also changes its all cells and tissues every sixth year, and the quality of these new cells depends on the quality of our intake of food. Simultaneously, our food should contain substances which help build up our body's defence system or immunity from disease and do not interfere in expulsion of waste materials and toxins. Our food should not contain substances which are disease inducing, which destroy health and which create excitement and affect us emotionally, phychologically and create imbalance and lack of self control and discipline in the body.

    Food requirement of our body : Nature has created for us so many kind of foodgrains, fruits, nuts, leaves and vegetables etc. which contain all types of nutritional ingredients in sufficient quantity.

    According to your taste and financial status you can prepare both cheap and costly, balanced and nutritional vegetarian diet by selecting various items from the list of products. Vegetarian foods not only cost less but also increases the resistance power of our body against diseases, thereby saving our health, money and time. Raw and uncooked vegetables and fruits are well known for their qualities in curing many ailments. Certain type of dietry fibres which are found in plant foods only, help to keep the blood cholesterol level low and offer protection against diabetes and many other diseases.

    How much to eat? Many more people die of over-eating than of starvation. Eating a bit less is much better than to eat more. We must remember that "We eat to live and not live to eat". Thus our food intake should be slightly less than our hunger as like many other bodily functions, eating also is a matter of habit. People doing same kind of work and of same age group, do not eat equal quantity of food. Some eat more while some eat less. Those who eat less are by no means less healthy than those who eat more. Nor are those who eat costly stuff stronger than those who eat cheaper nutritional food. Those who eat more than their appetite, become victims of obesity which tends to make them lazy and sluggish, leading to indigestion, constipation and other ailments. Over-eating is the main and root cause of most diseases.

    There is a saying "Bigger the waistline shorter is life line". The great Sufi saint Sheikh Saadi, advised that only half of one's stomach should be filled by food, one quarter should be filled with water, the remaining quarter should be left empty and that would be filled with the glory of God. Eating more due to tasty foods invite problems for one's health. Shastras have advised both the students as well as Saadhaks (spiritual practitioners) to eat sparingly and described it as an essential pre-requisite for the success of their endeavours.

    One of the biggest advantage of the vegetarian food is that it is bulky and satisfies our hunger quickly. It contains less cholesterol and is usually less spicy. As such it is difficult to eat more vegetarian food than the requirement of the body. The obesity thus remains under check.

    Our body is a wonderfully complex machine which is constantly engaged in many activities like breathing in and out, purifying and circulating the blood, producing fresh blood, digesting, expelling toxins and waste products from the system and numerous other functions. Like other machines, this machine also requires some rest, which we can give it by observing fast once a week. This practice will reduce pressure on our digestive system and on the kidneys, and avoid many kinds of diseases. More food does not mean more health. The less you pour into this machine the more efficiently will it work for you, and the more you give it, the less productive it will be for you. "Food is made for us and we are not made for food", hence to remain healthy our principle should be "Eat less - have more patience".

    Difference between hunger of body and mind : In order to justffy all his actions, man often says that he has to do everything to satisfy the hunger of his body. It is a fact that hunger of body makes every person restless and forces him to tread on a wrong path but it is much more true that the demand of hunge,- of body is very limited and he can fulfil it by little bit of hard work without resort to sinful or criminal actions. The hunger which never satisfies and for which one does so many wrong deeds, is not the hunger of body but is in fact the hunger of mind. This malaise of mind goes on increasing. The more one tries to satisfy it, the more it grows and leads him to cheating, fraud, arson, crime, murder and other bad habits resulting in fear, tension, anger and hatred, which are the main causes of all bad deeds and diseases.

    It is often said that hunger of stomach has been satisfied but not of mind. This ever hungry mind creates most of the problems for us. As such it is in the interest of man to understand the difference between these two types of hungers.Source:Jainism

  14. ये रात की स्याही किसने डाली,

    मेरे दिल के उजाले में

    ये आग किसने डाली

    मेरे मौम से ख्वाबों में

    ये आवाज़ किसने डाली,

    मेरी खामोशियों में

    मेरे सुकून में जलजला लाने वाले,

    अब तो नकाब उठा दे

    इरादे अपने बता दे,

    या तो साथ मेरे होले,

    या अपना पता बता दे

    निरंतर जज्बातों से खेलने वाले,

    अब तो दिल कर दे मेरे हवाले


  15. Devi
    Latest Entry

    wasta khud se tuta

    dil ab to mujse hi rutha

    chain aaye na karar

    aanshu aankh se eisa chutta

    sabak dene ka maza wo lute

    ek choti si baat se riste nate hi tute

    pal me ho gaye paraye

    thak gaye kahte kahte ki hai hamare

    hans hans jisne khud ko saraha

    hansi me taal humne khud ko shambhala

    per kismat ke aage chale na jor kisika

    hota wahi jo chahta hai upperwala

    khuda se khudai tuti

    zindagi ne sanse luti

    mout se aank ab mili

    aur jaan se jaan chutti

    kararname kai bante bigdate

    farman roz naye like jate

    hum to bas yehi kah ke jate

    priy hamare rahna khush sada

    badduaatye sari hum le jate

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