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  1. Jalate Hain Hum Apne Dil Ko

    jabardast kavi
  2. Should we restart all these games?

    administrator kya karenge mai motivate karti rahungi to
  3. luka chipi ka game spicy me sourabhji se kahhkar rakhve dijiye
  4. samajdari hosiyari ban jati hai jab swarth ki milavat aa jati hai ak me anek - word
  5. lets play antaxari

    hai dushman jamana gum nahi gum nahi tum kisi se kam nahi nahi
  6. Coffee with me??

    jab india aaoge to cup of coffee jarur piyenge
  7. Guess Who's Next

    achha achha aap wrong next mahendra ji hi kyu nnahi
  8. Jalate Hain Hum Apne Dil Ko

  9. Why

    got by friends mail ARE THEY TELLING THE TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH ? One persistent issue in our country is this—how can we have an informed discussion on any topic when our media tends to give you the partial truth if not the varnished truth. This dissemination of partial information contributes to polarization of views and fosters misunderstanding that is inimical to national and human interests. Take a recent headline ‘Anna Hazare wants MMRDA ground for free’. I was in three cities in the days that the Anna fast in Mumbai was on. In each city I was asked : How can Anna be so silly, asking for rent free occupation of a government owned ground? The guffaws that followed struck me as another instance of how sections of the media determine the contours of discussion in our country and how such discussions tend to be inherently flawed. I asked my guffawing friends —Did the media ever tell you of Rahul Gandhi paying rent for the thrice weekly meetings that he addresses in UP these days ?Is asking such a question an act of blasphemy? The silence that usually follows my questions is eloquent. It was clear to me that the media by highlighting the partial truth that Anna has requested rent free facilicities has led the reading and TV viewing public up the garden path with the intention of planting doubts in their minds of the integrity of the movement. By the way the state government of Maharashtra is Congress led and hence can only be expected to make life difficult for the Movement for obvious reasons. Thus even as we were told that the Mumbai fast was a ‘ flop’ the truth was different. Not many people may be aware that after denying free occupation of the ground the state government openly declared that anyone arrested for participating in the movement and the jail bharo to follow would lose the right to obtain a passport [i understand this is unlawful] and his arrest would be recorded in the public domain so that he or she will never get any job in India. Reminds you of the state of Emergency. This in a state where the political and bureaucratic class is most reluctant to put their asset statements in the public domain even though required by law. Did the media tell us these facts? The people of Mumbai were aware of this and understandably failed to turn up un large numbers . Will ‘activists’ tolerate such an action say by the UP government in the context of Rahul Gandhi’s rallies? Take another raging controversy –the mass protests at Kundankulam and Jaitapur where nuclear plants are either ready to go operational or are to be set up. In the wake of Fukusihima there were legitimate concerns in many quarters about the safety of our nuclear plants . We were told that ‘Even Germany has abandoned all plans to set up nuclear plants’. ‘Experts’ told us that ‘all over the world there is a rethinking on the issue and India must abandon any plans to go nuclear in energy’. I was genuinely worried at our plans to set up about 20 nuclear plants. Till I realized that our media has been telling us the partial truth. The international press—but not our media—tells us that Germany has decided to buy power generated by nuclear power plants from neighbouring countries like Russia and France ! As for the claim that all over the world the nuclear option has been abandoned the fact is that Brazil, South Africa and Saudi Arabia are going ahead with massive plans for nuclear power. Saudi Arabia will set up 16 plants. As for Fukushima the media that gave us ball by ball coverage of the disaster at that Japan plant did not tell us that this plant was poorly designed and executed ignoring all safety systems. I am afraid the financial media too indulges in such partial truth telling. More about this later. K.R.RAVI
  10. Happy Makarsankrati - Pongal

    wishing you all happy happy very happy uttrayan Posted Image
  11. Guess Who's Next

    true nest new kasturi
  12. Guess Who's Next

  13. khushali