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  1. koi do koi teen kiski sari duniya to koi akela veer hum kya jane tum kya jano aur jag samje sabko bada ajeeb reth per like prem ki bhasha dil me khinche lakir vaar se vardate vardato se kahani kahani pad pad duniya samje khud ko amir rangbirangi is duniya ke mahir khiladi kar de jug ko bada cakit jo jane wo samje per kon jane to kon samje bhed bade chipe band bhedo per duniya ko bada yakin
  2. Shadows S M s

    Respect The Emotions In Someone's Heart, Rather Than The Expressions On Someone's Face Because Expression Is Just A Formality But Emotions r Reality..!
  3. Shadows S M s

    Take a walk outside..Commune with nature... Feel everything ~ the wind, the clouds, the trees, the sun... Smile at the sun..Taste the air... Smell the soil..Sing with the birds... Touch Life around you... LIVE and not just exist.
  4. Shadows S M s

    "Life is like a novel and every day is a new page. so if a page is sad next will b happy. so don't worry turn the page and enjoy the life."
  5. Shadows S M s

    Don't be too confident when someone tells you they like you. The real question is, until when? Because just like seasons, people change.
  6. We may Love a wrong person We may cry over a wrong person but One thing is sure. They give us a chance to find the Right Person
  7. watch the watch time is precious then all

    deshi log videshi bate spicy ke member purane
  9. lets play antaxari

    daru pike bhi kya jina hai nashe se bhi kya mila hai ujad gaye ghar sansaar barbadi ka sama hi khila hai
  10. adharma dharam adharam bboth are opposite of each other next word administrator
  11. Coffee with me??

    kon kisko bulata hai kon jisko bhulata hai coffee ki sunghand sabko aakarshit karti hai
  12. Guess Who's Next

    you dont know next sarab
  13. Guess Who's Next

    very very wyong next ---------------
  14. we all wish u very successful happy birth day enjoy

  15. Guess Who's Next

    oh too fine guessing me? lucky next may be respected mahendra ji