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  1. loyalgurl

    Problem Encountered by Researchers

    I wasn't able to follow what you meant by a couple of items in the checklist.. Also, I think when you mention "our libraries" please specify what you mean by our. As a matter of fact, the universities I've ever been a part of have adequately managed resources, so resources is never a problem. Another thing that I'd like to mention here is the fact that researchers (mainly university professors) are not always aware of what is going on in the industry, or at times are wasting time researching things that are not very relevant, or things that do not have a huge potential for development. Again, this is what my observation has been, and things may not be the same in India. Research in India at this point in time is taken relatively easy... as compared to abroad I believe.
  2. loyalgurl

    10000 Post landmark

    Congratulations once again to Vimala for reaching this new mark!! Good going!! Keep it up
  3. loyalgurl

    Happy Birthday to u :

    Happy birthday to seng4u2002... Many Many happy returns of the dayyyyy! god bless!!
  4. Xmas time is here again!!! Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.... Who's ur Santa ??
  5. loyalgurl

    Guess Who's Next

    wrong wrong wrong surprise surprise surprise and next will be mahendra!
  6. loyalgurl

    ask questions...

    yes, i love travelling totallY!!!! to the next person: What according to you is more important: ur happiness or ur parents' happiness?
  7. loyalgurl

    The last to post wins

    aha! not that easy to win u hav tough competition!!
  8. loyalgurl

    write ur fav dialogues from bollywood

    tujh mein rab dikhta hai, yaara main kya karoon?
  9. loyalgurl

    Make a Rumor

    guys, the objective of the game is to make a rumour about the person who's written a post in this thread just before u .... plz stick to the game .... let me get it back on track... Rumour for Mahendra: Mahendra visited Tibet recently ...
  10. loyalgurl


    hmm personal conversation mein, i think we lost the game somewhere let's continue it with a new question ... have you ever watched a scary Hollywood movie all alone??
  11. hey all!! long time!!!!!! me missing saurabh, charu, kuchu, sanika, jayanaus ..... where r u all guys, n how r u all doing ??????? and yes, i miss u vimala
  12. hehehe! i missed the question concerning Mary's father and her 5 daughters... I got the others right :) so what say ?
  13. loyalgurl

    Test wheather you are male or female

    definitely a female!! but I can't really believe how men cannot see 3 F's in that one line
  14. It is extremely pathetic that our lives do not change whenever such an event occurs. Yes, it changes for a week, when we follow the news extremely closely. But once the week is over, our weak mindedness makes us forget it all, and move on with the regular hustle-bustle of our lives, worrying about stuff like buying everyday grocery to dropping our kids to school. Yes, it changes for those who've lost someone - and for them, the change lasts for ever. I may not be the right person to comment on this. Because, like most other people, I think that I cannot be more than a spectator, and that nothing can be done about the situation. We like to play the blame game - all of us, starting right from the government of our country to the common man.
  15. loyalgurl


    no have you ever had to decide between the heart and the mind?? what did u choose, on a sidenote ??