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  1. saurabhjain added a post in a topic: 7 Things Never To Say To Someone Who's Suffering From Anxiety   

    Many people suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and, fortunately, the problem is slowly being destigmatized. Being open about our struggles is the best way to start healing them. If you have a loved one who’s dealing with anxiety, your support and acceptance can make a huge difference in their recovery.

    That said, it can be easy to derail someone’s progress or alienate a friend if you aren’t aware of and sensitive to their struggles. With that in mind, here are seven common statements you might think are helpful, but really aren’t — plus what to say instead.
    1. Don’t say: “You have a lot to be grateful for.”
    Anxiety is attack on self — fear manifested into projected outcomes. Most people with anxiety have spent an enormous amount of time focusing on gratitude. When you say “you should be grateful,”the anxious person hears, “I am not doing enough to be happier. I’m not grateful for enough in my life.”
    People who suffer from anxiety are already dealing with guilt and shame. This statement implies that you think they aren’t doing enough. If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s that anyone suffering from chronic anxiety is trying with every fiber of their body to be happier.
    Instead, try: “I appreciate you.”
    When I was in the clutches of anxiety, my mother told me, “We are so happy you live close by, and we appreciate you.” Hearing those words reminded me that I was enough as I was, and that I was valued. Appreciation is stronger than gratitude, and everyone needs to know they are appreciated.
    2. Don’t say, “You should meditate.”
    This goes on the list of things that every anxiety sufferer has tried, and probably does regularly. Just because something works for you, don’t assume it will be a magic bullet for someone else.
    Instead, ask: “What brings you peace?”
    Meditation is one path to peace. It's not one-size-fits-all, and the goal is to find peace, however you can. Telling an anxious person what they should do is never going to make as much of a difference as much as helping them
    3. Don’t say, “Everything will be okay.”
    This is not helpful to someone who is suffering from anxiety, because anxiety projects illusions.
    Instead, try: “I am here for you. I will support you.”
    Anxiety is an incredibly isolating experience, so reaching out to say, “I am here to help you and be a friend” makes a world of difference for sufferers.
    4. Don’t say, “Just be happy.”
    This implies that the disease this person is dealing with is actually just a matter of willpower and personal focus. That’s disheartening and condescending.
    Instead ask, “What can I do to help you feel happier?”
    This gives the power back to the person feeling stuck, and communicates to them that you’re on their team. It’s incredibly reassuring to feel that someone is there for you, helping you move forward.
    5. Don’t say, “It’s all in your head.”
    Yes, it’s a mental issue, but this statement suggests that you just need to handle your irrational thoughts. It totally trivializes feelings that are crippling.
    Instead, try: “Let’s go have some fun.”
    The less you get stuck in your head, the easier it will be to feel more joy in the moment. Walk in a park, visit a bookstore together, or take a yoga class. Engaging in activities together helps keep your mind present, pushing anxiety out of the prime spot.
    6. Don’t say, “What do you have to be anxious about?”
    This is an incredibly common thing for anxious people to hear, but it’s also terribly condescending. It suggests that you think the person doesn’t deserve to feel anxious based on the limit information we have about their life.
    Instead, try: “How can I help you feel less stressed?”
    You have to assume you don’t know what’s really going on with someone. We almost never know the deepest struggles people are facing. Rather than operate based on the surface knowledge you have, offer to lend a hand. Show you’re there and willing to lighten their burden.
    7. Don’t say, “There are people with much bigger problems.”
    Anxious people generally know this, and already feel guilty about the anxiety they are suffering for that very reason. Being reminded of it actually makes them feel worse.
    Instead, try: “I’m really sorry to hear that. Do you want to talk?”
    Are you sensing a theme? What anxious people don’t need is prescriptive advice that most of us aren’t actually qualified to give. The most helpful thing anyone can do is be encouraging, offer support, and withhold judgment.
  2. saurabhjain added a post in a topic: Seven Wonders of Life   

    1. Your Mother – Who is the first person to welcome you in this world.
    2. Your Father – Who is the first person to go through all the hardships just to see you smile.
    3. Your Sibling – The first person to teach you the art of ‘sharing and caring’.
    4. Your Friend – The first person to teach you how to respect people with different opinions and viewpoints.
    5. Your Life partner – The first person to make you realize the value of sacrifice and compromise.
    6. Your Children – The first little person to teach you how to be selfless and think about others before yourself.
    7. Your Grandchildren – The only creatures who make you want to live the life, all over again
  3. saurabhjain added a post in a topic: 27 Ways to Respect your children and ways to know them in a better way.   

    Every parent Must read:

    1. Put away your phone in their presence.
    2. Pay attention to what they are saying.
    3. Accept their opinions and point of view.
    4. Engage in their           conversations.
    5. Look at them with respect.
    6. Always praise them.
    7. Share good news with them.
    8. Speak well of their friends and loved ones to them.
    9. Keep in remembrance the good things they did.
    10. If they repeat a story, listen like it's the first time they tell it.
    11. Don't bring up painful memories from the past.
    12. Avoid side conversations in their presence.
    13. Don't belittle/criticize their opinions and thoughts.
    14. Respect their age.
    15. Avoid cutting them off when they speak.
    16. Give them the power of  leadership when they are present.
    17. Avoid raising your voice at them.
    18. Avoid walking in front or ahead of them.
    19. Fill them with ur  appreciation even when they don't think they  deserve it. (Most Imp. one)
    20. Avoid putting your feet up in front of them or sitting with your back to them.
    21. Don't speak ill of them  to the point where others speak ill of them too.
    22. Keep them in your prayers as much as possible.
    23. Avoid seeming bored or tired of them in their presence.
    24. Avoid laughing at their faults / mistakes.
    25. Choose your words carefully when speaking with them.
    26. Call them by names they like.
    27. Make them your priority above anything n everything...
    Children are parents treasure and their most precious gift on this land. They must have seen the world lesser than you but they see it in a different way which you need to appreciate. Listen to them and try giving them as much time as you can. These moments are more precious than anything in this world...
     Parenting is an art not a job.
  4. saurabhjain added a blog entry in Lata Mangeshkar Songs   

    Ae Mere Wattan Ke Logo, Zara Aankh Me Bharlo Paani
    Singer - Lata Mangeshkar
    Music By -  Chitalkar Ramchandra    
    Lyricist -  Kavi Pradeep    
    Lyrics / Video of Song : Ae Mere Wattan Ke Logo, Zara Aankh Me Bharlo Paani
    ae mere vatan ke logo
    tum khub laga lo nara
    ye shubh din hai ham sab ka
    lahra lo tiraga pyara
    par mat bhulo sima par
    viro ne hai pran ganvae
    kuchh yad unhe bhi kar lo
    kuchh yad unhe bhi kar lo
    jo laut ke ghar na aye
    jo laut ke ghar na aye
    ae mere vatan ke logo 
    zara ankh me bhar lo pani
    jo shahid hue hai unki
    zara yad karo qurbani
    ae mere vatan ke logo 
    zara ankh me bhar lo pani
    jo shahid hue hai unki
    zara yad karo qurbani
    tum bhul na jao unko
    ishliye suno ye kahani
    jo shahid hue hai unki
    zara yad karo qurbani
    jab ghayal hua himalay
    khatare me padi azadi
    jab tak thi sans lade vo
    jab tak thi sans lade vo
    phir apani lash bichha di
    sagin pe dhar kar matha 
    so gaye amar balidani
    jo shahid hue hai unki
    zara yad karo qurbani
    jab desh me thi divali
    vo khel rahe the holi
    jab ham baithe the gharo me
    vo jhel rahe the goli
    the dhanya javan vo apne
    thi dhanya vo unki javani
    jo shahid hue hai unki
    zara yad karo qurbani
    koi sikh koi jat maratha
    koi sikh koi jat maratha
    koi gurkha koi madrasi
    koi gurkha koi madrasi
    sarahad pe maranevala 
    sarahad pe maranevala 
    har vir tha bharatvasi
    jo khun gira parvat par
    vo khun tha hidustani
    jo shahid hue hai unki
    zara yad karo qurbani
    thi khun se lath-path kaya
    phir bhi banduk uthake
    das-das ko ek ne mara
    phir gir gaye hosh ganva ke
    jab ant-samay aya to
    jab ant-samay aya to
    kah gaye ke ab marate hai
    khush rahna desh ke pyaro
    khush rahna desh ke pyaro
    ab ham to safar karte hai
    ab ham to safar karte hai
    kya log the vo divane
    kya log the vo abhimani
    jo shahid hue hai unki
    zara yad karo qurbani
    tum bhul na jao unko
    ishliye kahi ye kahani
    jo shahid hue hai unki
    zara yad karo qurbani
    jai hind jai hind ki sena
    jai hind jai hind ki sena
    jai hind, jai hind, jai hind
  5. saurabhjain added a blog entry in Windows 10 Tips And Tricks   

    New Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts


    Windows 10 opened up a world of new keyboard shortcuts to better navigate and utilize the new operating system’s interface and features. Below is a set of some of the new keyboard functions available for Windows 10 users

    Command prompt shortcuts
    The revised Windows 10 command prompt will also be getting new shortcuts, making it easier to use

    General Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts
    There are plenty of returning keyboard shortcuts to go along with all the new Windows 10 shortcuts. The following are some of the most basic, general, and sought-after keyboard shortcuts for general day-to-day use for Windows users.

  6. saurabhjain added a blog entry in Windows 10 Tips And Tricks   

    Windows 10's new keyboard shortcuts
    Snapping window: WIN + LEFT or RIGHT (can be used with UP or DOWN to get into quadrants)Switch to recent window: ALT + TAB (unchanged) – Hold shows new Task view window view, let go and switches to app.Task view: WIN + TAB – New Task view opens up and stays open.Create new virtual desktop: WIN + CTRL + DClose current virtual desktop: WIN + CTRL + F4Switch virtual desktop: WIN + CTRL + LEFT or RIGHT
  7. saurabhjain added a blog entry in Windows 10 Tips And Tricks   

    10 great new features in Windows 10
    1. There's loads of stuff for touch, but it's different stuff

    Designed to appeal to experts and novices alike, Microsoft was at pains to point out that it hasn't given up on touch with the new OS. The Charms bar remains for the moment although we expect it to die if you're using a non-touch PC (check out Continum below).
    Microsoft says it wants to support touch users who have persevered with Windows 8 and "evolve" the touch UI. (Translated: That means it is changing quite a bit.) The task switching will no longer work on the left. So with that and the charms going, that's goodbye to most of the problem with Windows 8 - and a whole philosophy down the pan.
    Microsoft's Joe Belfiore said at the preview: "We want Windows 7 users to feel like they upgraded from a [Toyota] Prius to a Tesla, but they don't need to learn a new way to drive."
    2. It's BACK!

    As we've covered before, the e most noticeable change is the new Start Menu, which looks somewhat like the old start menu. It brings some features from the Windows 8.1 Start Screen, such as live tiles, and can be resized.

    3. Another new Task View (the Windows 8 flippy thing has gone)
    Now the Windows 8 task switcher has been unceremoniously dumped, there's a new Task View in Windows 10, too, so users can switch between virtual desktops.That's because Microsoft now recognises that novice users use the taskbar rather than switching in other, cleverer, ways such as Alt+Tab (which also now switches between desktops).
    4. Snap Assist helps you snap windows

    A new Snap Assist feature also helps users work out which way is best to snap apps to. You can snap windows into new screens and tile Windows - just as you've been able to since Windows 2.0 or maybe 3.0.
    5. The Command Prompt enters the 21st Century
    Another quite amazing feature for those of us that use it is that the command prompt is now getting keyboard shortcuts! So you will be able to paste in your commands! Hardly groundbreaking, but actually pretty exciting.

    6. Improvements to Windows Explorer
    A new Home location is the new default view in Windows Explorer. There's also a Share button on the Windows Explorer taskbar (we really hope this is in the context menu, too).
    7. Continum - the special one

    This is the best new thing we found out today. Continum is an on-the-fly mode for 2 in 1 devices that can automatically change mode if it detects there is suddenly no keyboard attached. So, for example, a back button appears to help you navigate the Desktop with touch if the keyboard is removed. We reckon the charms will also disappear in non-touch mode, although we've heard conflicting news about that.
    8. Windows 10 Universal apps
    Windows 10 will also usher in a new app model - Universal Windows apps. Windows Universal apps are the new name for Metro apps/Modern apps/Windows Store apps. Take your pick on those old monikers, they've got a new one! Presumably (although we don't know as yet) that these will also work on Windows Phone. Windows 10 will be able to run on all devices from phones to servers and there will be a single app store across the lot.
    All older Windows Store apps will work with Windows 10.
    9. Modern (sorry, Universal) apps now float on the Desktop
    The new Universal apps also work on the desktop and 'float' in their own Windows. Microsoft wants to banish the separation between the Modern UI and the Desktop.
    These 'modern' apps on the desktop have a ... icon for more options - replacing the commands that used to be in the charms on the right-hand side of the screen.
    10. Windows 10 has lots for Business and Enterprise
    Microsoft says it hopes to appeal to business with this release of Windows, more so than Windows 8 ever did. Belfiore said they were "starting the dialogue with businesses today".
    To be honest, it needs to - Windows XP is now ancient and unsupported, while precious other businesses want to make the leap away from Windows 7. But part of the reason why Microsoft is demonstrating the OS without all the consumer features is to show enterprises what the OS is capable of at this stage.
    This version of Windows will have plenty of other features for enterprise, including a customised store and protection for corporate data. Mobile Device Management will be able to be used for all devices.
    Windows 10 will keep personal and corporate data separate.
  8. saurabhjain added a gallery image in Quote Wallpapers   

    4 lofty goals to aim for

    In album: Enthusiasm and Emotions

    19 images in this album
  9. saurabhjain added a blog entry in Institute of Financial Studies - Jaipur   

    A Professional body of Risk management fails in managing Exam centre Risks
    1.      Exam: Actuarial Common Entrance Test (ACET).
    2.      Test Centre: Jaipur India and other
    3.      Exam conducted jointly by 
    ·         Institute of Actuaries of India(IAI)
    ·         Aptech computer education
    It has been more than three consecutive times , the problems  being faced by students at ACET centres including power bacvkup and Internet connectivity issues…
    Today has been a Havoc for students. The first slot started the exam at 9 AM and was not able to submit the test due to internet connectivity issue. There was no alternate connection available…
    The exam has to finish in two hours but students were sitting idle on computer desk waiting for something to happen….
    The next batch which had to start at 11:30 AM did not started by 1 PM. The students and parents were standing outside in scorching heat with no proper communication given to them.
    How the exam ended - The invigilator talked on phone with their head office and shared the roll no and said individual student that your exam has been submitted
    I wonder how this can be submitted without internet connection ….
    Actuary, the highest paid profession which is still unknown (new) to students and such mismanagement leads to demotivation and stress among them and their parents and leave a question mark on chosen career path.
  10. saurabhjain added a post in a topic: Wherever You Go, No Matter What The Weather, Always Bring Your Own Sunshine..   

    I was cycling and noticed a person in front of me, about 1/4 of Km. I could tell he was cycling a little slower than me and decided to try to catch him. I had about a km to go on the road before turning off.
    So I started cycling faster and faster and every block, I was gaining on him just a little bit. After just a few minutes I was only about 100 yards behind him, so I really picked up the pace and pushed myself. You would have thought I was cycling in the last leg of London Olympic triathlon
    Finally,I caught up with him and passed him by. On the inside I felt so good. “I beat him" of course, but he didn't even know we were racing.
    After I passed him, I realized that I had been so focused on competing against him that I had missed my turn, had gone nearly six blocks past it and had to turn around and go all back.
    Isn't that what happens in life when we focus on competing with co-workers, neighbours, friends, family, trying to outdo them or trying to prove that we are more successful or more important? We spend our time and energy running after them and we miss out on our own paths to our destinies.
    Moral :
    The problem with unhealthy competition is that it’s a never ending cycle. There will always be somebody ahead of you, someone with better job, nicer car, more money in the bank, more education, a prettier wife, a more handsome husband, better behaved children, etc.
    Take what Life has given you, the height, weight & personality. Dress well & wear it proudly! You'll be blessed by it. Stay focused and live a healthy life. There's no competition in DESTINY. 
    Run your own RACE and wish others WELL!!! 
    Wherever You Go,
    No Matter What The Weather,
    Always Bring Your Own Sunshine... 
  11. saurabhjain added a video in Lata Mangeshkar Songs   

    Aap Ki Nazron Ne Samjha - Anpadh
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  12. saurabhjain added a video in Lata Mangeshkar Songs   

  13. saurabhjain added a post in a topic: Good Morning. Sms Greetings : Add Your GM Messages   

    Rise and shine. Whatever was bothering you yesterday is gone and today is a bright new beginning. Good Morning!
  14. saurabhjain added a blog entry in Institute of Financial Studies - Jaipur   

    Advanced MS Excel Training in Jaipur
    Just Want to learn Excel or Want to use thereafter?
    Advanced MS Excel course "Data Analytics using MS Excel " is taught at  Institute of Financial studies which   is intended to provide an integrative foundation in the field of business intelligence at the operational, tactical, and strategic levels.
    The objective is to develop the process of identifying, analysing, interpreting and presenting results so as to transfer the data into decisions. A critical success factor in Business Intelligence is the ability to communicate one’s analyses and recommendations to decision-makers
    The course includes
    Excel Fundamentals
    Advanced Excel Fundamentals
    Data Analysis & Decision Tools 
    Dashboard Preparation and Applicative Learning
    VBA / macros for automation

    The complete brochure available on
    Contach for details
    Sachin Jain - +91 9829393505
    Meet with appointment
    Adjacent to IBS Hospital 
  15. saurabhjain added a blog entry in Institute of Financial Studies - Jaipur   

    Actuarial Coaching in Jaipur
    Institute of Financial Studies in Jaipur has started an Actuarial Analyst program for Actuary aspirants, Besides this program, IFS provides

    Coaching for all actuarial science subjects and ACET
    Career advisory services
    Placement services
    Software training - SAS, R, VBA, Excel
    Contact IFS with Appointment

    M 9829393505
    Email -
    Website -