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      01 Feb
    Amitabh Rahul Yadav

    Dilo ki baat ab hm bhi karte hain,. Kisiki yaad me waqt barbaad ab hum bhi karte hain, Zyada ya Kum ye nahi pata Dosto, Par kisi se pyar ab hum bhi karte hain…… Us se milne ki chahat chupakar is Dil me, Band aankho me mulakaat ab hum bhi karte hain Deewangi ka alam ye hai Dosto, Aaino se baat ab hum bhi karte hain….. Kabhi khud pe tak yakeen nahi kiya humne, par kisi or pe aitbaar ab hum bhi karte hain, Mil jaye A kash zindgi bhar ka uska saath, Apne rab se ye Fariyad ab h...

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funny and intelligent answers-grow your GK

Jokes or Funny incident 01 Nov 2007
* Wife: Darling today is our anniversary, what should we do? Husband: Let us stand in silence for 2 minutes. * It's funny when people discuss Love Marriage vs Arranged. It's like asking someone, if suicide is better or being murdered. * A man who surrenders when he's wrong, is Honest. A man who...
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Green peas and red marble

Stories 03 Mar 2006
Green peas and red marble During the waning years of the depression in a small Idaho community, I used to stop by Mr. Miller
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kuch hasane ke pal ka maza lijiye zindagi bhar hasate rahiye

Jokes or Funny incident 20 Dec 2008
Bilkul Apne Baap Per Gaya Hai Maa: Beta, apple kha le Beta: nahi Maa: Beta, kele(banana) kha le Beta: nahi Maa: Beta, orange kha le Beta: nahi Maa: Maloom hai bilkul apne Baap par gaya hai joote hi khaega
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wo kaun si baat hai

Hindi and Urdu Shayris 15 Sep 2007
duniya ki nazron se na dekh muje, jara apne dil ke khone se dekh muje... gairon ki baton me aakar kahan ja rahi hai, teri yaad muje sataye ja rahi hai... wo kaunsi baat hai jo khayalon me tere ghar kar gai, kisi aur ka ghar basa rahi hai aur mujhe beghar kar gai... :'(
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Jokes or Funny incident 12 Sep 2006
PROFESSOR Gandhi Jayanti ke baray mein kya jantey ho? MUNNA BHAI Gandhi bahut jabardast aadmi tha, Baap. Maa Kasam, par apun ko yeh nehin malum ke yeh Jayanti kaun hai. ----------------------------------------------------------------- PROFESSOR Akal badi ki bhais? MUNNA BHAI Bole toh pehlay dat...
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Think Positive - interesting outlook

Revealing And Enlightening Articles 29 May 2009
Hi ppl, I thot this was a rather interesting way of looking at a situation..... Read this. Most ppl will prolly get wrong answer to the question asked in the passage.....if u get it right tho, hats off to u!! Afro Once there was loving couple travelling in a bus in a mountainous area...
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Aankhon ka rang baat ka lehja badal gayaa

Hindi and Urdu Shayris 23 Feb 2009
Aankhon ka rang baat ka lehja badal gayaa Vo shakhs ek sham mein kitna badal gayaa Jab apne apne haal pe hum tum na reh sakey To kyaa huwa jo humse zamana badal gayaa Qadmon taley jo rait bichee thi vo jal padhii Us ney chudaya hath tou sehra badal gayaa Koyii bhi cheez apni jagaah par nahin r...
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Guess the 9 letter word - Solve the riddle

Mind Rock Puzzles 28 Oct 2011
Okay Friends, here is a brainteaser for you. What common English word is 9 letter long, and each time you remove a letter from it, it still continues to remain a meaningful English word, from 9 letters to all the way down to a single remaining letter Take a few minutes to try and co...
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Dard kaisa bhi ho ankh nam na karo

Post and Read Poems 22 Jul 2008
Dard kaisa bhi ho ankh nam na karo Raat kali sahi koi gham na karo Ek sitara bano jagmagate raho Zindagi mein sada muskurate raho Baantni hai agar baant lo har khushi Gham na zahir karo tum kisi per kabhi Dil ki gehrayi mein ghum chupate raho Zindagi mein sada muskurate raho Ashk anmol ha...
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Jokes or Funny incident 12 Oct 2007
One day husband and wife had an argument,they had planned to go to visit their relatives back at home since they live in town.On their way home,no one was talking to another the woman was staring outside al the way. They reached a place where some goats were at the field grazing. So the man aske...
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