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      01 Feb
    Amitabh Rahul Yadav

    Dilo ki baat ab hm bhi karte hain,. Kisiki yaad me waqt barbaad ab hum bhi karte hain, Zyada ya Kum ye nahi pata Dosto, Par kisi se pyar ab hum bhi karte hain…… Us se milne ki chahat chupakar is Dil me, Band aankho me mulakaat ab hum bhi karte hain Deewangi ka alam ye hai Dosto, Aaino se baat ab hum bhi karte hain….. Kabhi khud pe tak yakeen nahi kiya humne, par kisi or pe aitbaar ab hum bhi karte hain, Mil jaye A kash zindgi bhar ka uska saath, Apne rab se ye Fariyad ab h...

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Post and Read Poems 20 Oct 2008
" ECSTASY "In all the world, you're the only man there'll everbe for me.You take the heart and soul right out me.Your touch is like a summer rain,Washing away all my hurt and pain.Its your love that flows through my veins.Ecstasy is in your tender kiss,Next to heaven there is no g...
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Cleaning Poem

Post and Read Poems 21 Jul 2006
I asked the Lord to tell me Why my house is such a mess. He asked if I'd been 'putering', And I had to answer "yes." He told me to get off my fanny And tidy up the house. And so I started cleaning up... The smudges off my mouse. I wiped and shined the topside. That really did the trick.....
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koi gawaah nahi

Hindi and Urdu Shayris 27 May 2010
Mohabbaton mein agar koi rasm o raah nah hoSakoon tabaah nah ho, zindagi gunaah nah hoKutch aetedaal bhi laazim hai dill lagi key lieyKissi sey pyaar agar ho to bepanaah nah hoIss ehtyaat sey mai terey saath chalta honTeri nigaah sey aagey meri nigaah nah hoMera wajood hai sachaaion ka aainaYeh a...
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Stories 11 May 2006
It was a sports stadium. Eight Children were standing on the track to participate ! in the running event. * Ready! * Steady! * Bang!!! With the sound of Toy pistol, all eight girls started running. Hardly have they covered ten to fifteen steps, one of the smaller girls slipped and fell down,...
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Hair Care

Beauty & Fashion 17 Jun 2008
Hair Care All the hair you`ll ever have on your head is determined at birth. That`s because hair grows from a root in your scalp and the number of roots cannot be changed. Each hair grows from the root to a certain length depending on your unique genetic makeup, then slows down and then...
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woh Tum hi kya jiske saath Hum nahi

Hindi and Urdu Shayris 23 Jan 2007
Woh Zindagi hi kya jisme Mohabbat nahi, Woh Mohabbat hi kya jisme Yaadein nahi, Woh Yaadein kya jisme Tum nahi, Aur woh Tum hi kya jiske saath Hum nahi
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Tum Aaj Hanste Ho Hans

Hindi and Urdu Shayris 09 Mar 2012
Tum Aaj Hanste Ho Hans Lo Mujh Par Ye Aazmaish Na Baar Baar Hogi Main Jaanta Hoon Mujhe Khabar Hai Ki Kal Faza Khushgavaar Hogi Rahe Mohabbat Main Zindegi Bhar Rahegi Ye Kashmakash Baraabar Na Tumko Qurbat Main Jeet Hogi Na Mujhko Furqat Main Haar Hogi Hazaar Ulfat Sataaye Lekin Mere Iraadon Se...
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kya हकीकत hai

Revealing And Enlightening Articles 24 Feb 2011
एक अजीब हकीकत: 10 रुपए का नोट बहुत ज्यादा लगता है जब " ग...
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2 Tough Questions

Revealing And Enlightening Articles 06 May 2008
Question 1: If you knew a woman who was pregnant, who had 8 kids already, three who were deaf, two who were blind, one mentally retarded, and she had syphilis, would you recommend that she have an abortion? Read the next question before looking at the response for this one. Question 2: I...
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o o dil mere

Hindi and Urdu Shayris 14 Nov 2009
ओओ दिल मेरे, सुन जरा, मत हो, यूँ फ़िदा। तेरी हरकतों से ह...
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