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      01 Feb
    Amitabh Rahul Yadav

    Dilo ki baat ab hm bhi karte hain,. Kisiki yaad me waqt barbaad ab hum bhi karte hain, Zyada ya Kum ye nahi pata Dosto, Par kisi se pyar ab hum bhi karte hain…… Us se milne ki chahat chupakar is Dil me, Band aankho me mulakaat ab hum bhi karte hain Deewangi ka alam ye hai Dosto, Aaino se baat ab hum bhi karte hain….. Kabhi khud pe tak yakeen nahi kiya humne, par kisi or pe aitbaar ab hum bhi karte hain, Mil jaye A kash zindgi bhar ka uska saath, Apne rab se ye Fariyad ab h...

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Random Walk

*Best friends*

Stories 19 Dec 2007
A story tells that two friends were walkingthrough the desert. During somepoint of the journey they had an argument, andone friend slapped the other one in the face. The one who got slapped was hurt,but without saying anything, wrote in the sand:TODAY MY BEST FRIENDSLAPPED ME IN THE FACE. They ke...
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Latest version of girlfriend...

Jokes or Funny incident 17 Dec 2006
I'm currently running the latest version of GirlFriend and I've been having some problems lately. I've been running the same version of DrinkingBuddies 1.0 forever as my primary application, and all the GirlFriend releases I've tried have always conflicted with it. I hear that DrinkingBuddies wo...
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Jane Duniya Me Aisa Kyu Hota Hai..

Hindi and Urdu Shayris 30 Jun 2012
Jane Duniya Me Aisa Kyu Hota Hai.. Jo Sab Ko Khusi De Wahi Rota Hai.. Umar Bhar Jo Sath Na De Sake Wahi.. Zindagi Ka Pehla Pyar Kyu Hota Hai..
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Tips To Dress For Office

Tips And Tricks 19 Jun 2009
Tips To Dress For OfficeDressing up for office has never been an easy task for majority of the working people. On top of that, if it is their first job, you can be sure that their dilemma knows no bounds. They want to look stylish, yet carry an air of professionalism around them. However, most of...
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Learn From....

Heartening lines : Text Sms delight 22 Sep 2008
Learn From.... Learn from a candle To give light in darkness Learn from the birds To sing and praise at all times...
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Pass a smile

Post and Read Poems 18 Nov 2011
Pass a smile I smile when I am shy I smile when I want to cry I smile when I am sad I smile, when I just go mad I smile when I am envious I smile when I am very jealous I smile when I am happy I smile when I feel shaky I smile when I am emotional I also smile when I act abnormal I smile wh...
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Amitabh's stomach ache - Reasons

Jokes or Funny incident 15 May 2006
Reasons for Amitabh's stomach ache: 1) excessive intake of Chvanprash 2) Pepsi zyada ho gayi 3) Hajmola kam pad gaya 4) Teeka bhi nahi lagwaya hoga 5) bhool se Asian Paints kha liya hoga 6) pappu ki Chocolate expire ho gayi hogi. 7) tight Reid & Taylor suits. last but not the le...
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The Value of Time

Revealing And Enlightening Articles 21 Nov 2005
To realize the value of ONE YEAR Ask a student who has failed his examTo realize the value of ONE MONTH Ask a mother who has given birth to a premature baby.To realize the value of ONE WEEK Ask an editor of a weekly newspaper.To realize the value of ONE DAY Ask a daily wage laborer who has ten ki...
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English for Both Sexes...

Jokes or Funny incident 06 Jun 2006
The Man's Guide to Female English... We need = I want It
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Jokes or Funny incident 26 Jun 2006
Bholaji is the english teacher in a school. He is very well renowned for all his students do very well in exams. The school is having an inspection and the inspector decided to visit the english class.This is what transpires : Bholaji : "Bolo bachon GADHA" Students (in chorous) : "GADHA " Bhol...
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