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    Happy Birthday to u :

    Little secret tucked away, saved until your special day, wishes sent from near & far, to say how nice u r, may every small suprise, combine to make your birhtday really shine! Let the God decorate each golden ray of the sun reaching u with wishes of success, happiness and prosperity 4 u, wish you a super duper happy birthday.
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    Sweet Morning

    Har subhah ki dhoop kuch yaad dilati hai Har phool ki khushboo ek jadu jagati hai Mano na mano per such hai mere yaar Subhah hote hi aapki yaad aa jati hai Sweet Morning
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    Dharti Se Sawan Ki Bundein

    Dharti se sawan ki bundein milne jab bhi aati hain, Uski shikayat karti hain kuchh apna dard sunati hain. Kuchh rishte naye banati ehsaas naya de jati hain, Har ek kali ko phool baag ko gulshan kar jati hain. Chahat nayi si hoti hai armaan naya de jati hain, Kuchh khushi ke pal kuchh muskan nayi de jati hain. Dharti se sawan ki bundein milne jab bhi aati hain, Uski shikayat karti hain kuchh apna dard sunati hain. Sukhe kheton se jab suhani si khushboo aati hai, Suni aankhon mein phir se ek khwab naya de jati hai. Kahin pyar naya hota hai kahin judaai de jati hai, Kahin sawan ke jhoole kahin mira ke geet sunati hai. Dharti se sawan ki bundein milne jab bhi aati hain, Uski shikayat karti hain kuchh apna dard sunati hain.
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    Dosto ki kamee ko pehechante hai hum, Duniya ke ghamo ko bhi jaante hai hum. Aap jaise dosto ke hi sahare, Aaj bhi has ker jeena jaante hai hum. Ishq ka jaha bhi naam hota hai, Tadapna sisakna waha aam hota hai. Khushnaseebo ko kabhi ishq ho nahi sakta, Ye badnaseebo ka kaam hota hai.
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    Tragedy or comedy

    A person is pronounced great when he can face a difficult situation with happiness and laughter:)
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    Collected Shayries

    Love is like standing in the wet cement, The longer you stay, the harder it is to leave And you can never go without leaving your shoe behind.
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    tum ho

    Mai Phool Hun Meri Khushbu Tum Ho Mai Dil Hoon Meri Dharkan Tum Ho Mai Jaan Hoon Meri Rooh Tum Ho Mai Jism Hoon Meri Zindagi Tum Ho Main Aks Hoon Meri Haqiqat Tum Ho Mai Saya Hun Meri Surat Tum Ho Mai Lab Hoon Meri Baat Tum Ho Mai Tab Hoon Mukmal Jab Mere Sath Tum Ho
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    Collected Shayries

    prem ma ava thaya anubhav ke je male tena haal puchu chu aansu jo tapki pade ankho mathi to bhram ma mari ankho luchi lau chu
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    Collected Shayries

    har swaas maa tari yaad muku chu mara thi vadhu vishwas tara maa muku chu sachav je mara aa vishwas ne jatan thi mara swaas ne tara vishwaas ma muku chu..
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    My day maybe hectic. My sked may be tight. But I would never let d day end w/o me saying good night. Have sweet dreams.
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    If I give you a traditional two-sided scale along with nine, similarly-sized balls—eight of which are of equal weight, one of which weighs less than the rest—how many times do you need to weigh the balls to determine which is the lighter one? Answer is - Sign in and first write your answer [hide] The purpose of this brainteaser is to challenge your process-of-elimination skills. Most people immediately think three times, but the answer is actually two. How you get to that answer is like this: First, you put six balls on the scale, three on each side. If the lighter one is in one of these two groups, you'll know because one side will be heavier. If not, both sides will weigh the same, and you'll know the lighter ball's in the final group. Whatever the case, you'll weigh two balls (one on each side) from the lighter grouping (either the three balls not weighed in the first weighing, or the lighter three in your first weighing). If the two balls are of equal weight, the light ball is the odd one out. If they aren't, you already know the answer: the one that's higher in the air. [/hide]
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    A question often comes into my mind……… What exactly is surrender? Whenever you are in some problem you often here, just surrender to God….. just surrender to his will…… what does this phrase exactly mean??? How to surrender, what to surrender?? In my opinion there is another phrase that explains it better……. Go with the flow…… trusting the universe(God) that He has a plan for you. This doesn’t mean that u shouldn’t have opinions or choices, or you shouldn’t make efforts to achieve ur goals. it just means that even if your choices are not fulfilled, having faith that it’s for the best. It’s a beautiful experience to just wait and watch what life has to offer you, picking up the opportunities thrown in your way. Just for today have faith that the Almighty has a plan for you, and whatever comes your way, happiness, sadness, love, hate whatever….. just embrace it…… Believe from the bottom of your heart that there is a far greater reason behind everything…… When a twig is floating in the sea, you can just see the few nearby waves pushing and pulling the twig up and down, but in actual, what is going on below the surface, what is causing the way, we cannot see. Respect the fact that you cannot have all the answers all the time, you can’t understand everything. This universe is a beautiful….. beautiful place…… and everything is so organized…. So how can we doubt that we are not taken care of???? How can we doubt ???? Surrender to me means having faith. And taking the leap of faith is as easy as blinking your eyes, our mind complicates it. Faith is a wonderful thing, it can move mountains. Just give it a try, and see how amazing your life becomes. Ups and Downs comes into your life. Infact, I’m writing this coz recently I have been suffering from so much stress, that’s when I realized that I’m not going with the flow. So, just for today I’m taking that leap of faith, surrendering myself, and enjoying the ride. Dwija
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    some on sms n mail sent me few times till now so posting here for just joke only Santa gave a secret password for e-banking "ram-sita-laxman-hanuman-jamwant-delhi-spiderman" Banta-Yaar! Itna lamba password?? Santa- Kya karoon? Bank wale kehte hai ki password main 5 character, 1 capital aur ek special character zaroori hai
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    Find Out Your Own Mobile Number

    Find Out Your Own Mobile Number Share it with your frnds....
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    Lal Kumar Chakma

    Happy Friendship Day

    Pehli nazar mein laga wo meri hai, Aankhe uski jheel si gehri hai, Proposr kar-kar ke thak gaya, Tab jaake jana ke saali behri hai.....
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    nice one
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    Jalate Hain Hum Apne Dil Ko

    Jalate hain hum apne dil ko diye ki tarah, Teri zindagi mein khushiyon ki roshni lane ke liye. Seh jate hain har chubhan ko apne pairon tale, Teri rahoon mein phool bhichane ke liye.
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    अकसर देखती हूं, राहगीर, नाते-रिश्तेदार और यहां तक कि मेरे अपने दोस्त-यार… उन्हें घूर-घूर कर देखते हैं, उन की एक झलक को लालायित रहते हैं… आज मैं उन लालायित आत्माओं को कहना चाहती हूं, जिनके लिए वे अकसर मर्यादा भूल जाते हैं, वह मेरे शरीर का हिस्सा भर हैं… ठीक वैसे ही, जैसे मेरे होंठ, मेरी आंख और मेरी नाक या फिर मेरे पांव या हाथ… इसी के साथ मैं उनसे अनुरोध करती हूं… मेरे मन में यह संशय न उठने दें कि मैं नारी हूं या महज स्तनों का एक जोड़ा..
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    Nahi Jarurat Rahi Ab Tumhe Purane Dosto Ki, “Shabir“, Naye Shehar Mein Aakhir Naye Log Toh Mil Hi Jate Hai.
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    Maali ne phool ko khas banaya.... Phool ne khusbu ko khas banaya.... Khusbu ne mohabbat ko khas banaya.... Mohabbat ne ladki ko khas banaya.... Par ek ladki ne kitne ko DEVDAS banaya..??
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    Humko mohabbat hai zindgi se

    Apno se juda kar deti hai, Aakhon mein paani bhar deti hai, Kitni shikayat hai zindgi se. Phir bhi iska aitbaar hai, Phir bhi iska intzaar hai, Humko mohabbat hai zindgi se. Kabhi khushiyon ka mela lagta hai, Kabhi har koi akela lagta hai. Kabhi humpe karam pharmati hai, Kabhi humse nazar churati hai. Palkon se isko chakhte hain, Isey pass hi apne rakhte hain, Itni nazakat hai zindgi se, Humko mohabbat hai zindgi se. Humko adaayein dikhati hai ye, Jeena bhi humko sikhati hai ye. Kabhi paas hai to kabhi door hai, Ye zindgi bhi badi mashhoor hai. Kabhi karti hai aankh micholi, kabhi sajaye sapno ki doli, Itni shararat hai zindgi se. Humko mohabbat hai zindgi se. Door ye ho to ghum hota hai, Pass ho to iska karam hota hai. Khud apni marzi se chalti hai, Suraj ki tarah se ye dhalti hai. Isey jab bhi hum dekhte hain, Mann hi mann ye sochte hain, Kitni hifazat hai zindgi se. Humko mohabbat hai zindgi se. Aansu bhi ho to pee lete hain, Pal do pal khushi se jee lete hain. Har pal humko nahi hai roka, Thoda humko bhi deti mouka. Zindgi gujar jaaye taqraar mein, Chahe gujar jaaye ye pyaar mein, Itni izazat hai zindgi se. Humko mohabbat hai zindgi se.
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    Pyar Ka Tohfa

    Message: Chale wo kadam kadam jo sath mere, To uske saath se pyaar ho jaye Thame wo pyaar se jo haath mera , to apne haath se pyaar ho jaye jis raaat aaye khwabo me wo us suhani raat se pyaar ho jaye jis baat me aaye jikr uska to usi baat se pyaar ho jaye jab pukare pyaar se wo mera naam to apne naam se hi pyaar ho jaye hota hai itna khubsurat ye pyar agar TO KAASH USE BHI MERE PYAAR SE PYAAR HO JAYE!!!!
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    Tu Nathi Janti Baku

    Tara Mukhda Thee Maari Raat Ujyaari Thay Chhe Chaand Pan Tare Saame Joyee Ne Sharmaaye Chhe Tu Jyare Malkhaye Chhe Tou Mari Jaan Jaaye Chhe Tu Nathi Janti Baku,Tu Mane Ketli Tadfaaye Chhe…
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    Once it happened: Buddha entered a village. A man asked him as he was entering the village, "Does God exist?" He said, "No, absolutely no." In the afternoon another man came and he asked, "Does God exist?" And he said, "Yes, absolutely yes." In the evening a third man came and he asked, "Does God exist?" Buddha closed his eyes and remained utterly silent. The man also closed his eyes. Something transpired in that silence. After a few minutes the man touched Buddha's feet, bowed down, paid his respects and said, "You are the first man who has answered my question." Now, Buddha's attendant, Ananda, was very much puzzled: "In the morning he said no, in the afternoon he said yes, in the evening he did not answer at all. What is the matter? What is really the truth?" So when Buddha was going to sleep, Ananda said, "First you answer me; otherwise I will not be able to sleep. You have to be a little more compassionate towards me too. I have been with you the whole day. Those three people don't know about the other answers, but I have heard all the three answers. What about me? I am troubled." Buddha said, "I was not talking to you at all! You had not asked, I had not answered YOU. The first man who came was a theist, the second man who came was an atheist, the third man who came was an agnostic. My answer had nothing to do with God, my answer had something to do with the questioner. I was answering the questioner; it was absolutely unconcerned with God. "The person who believes in God, I will say no to him because I want him to drop his idea of God, I want him to be free of his idea of God -- which is borrowed. He has not experienced. If he had experienced he would not have asked me; there would have been no need. "The person who believed in God, he was trying to find confirmation for his belief from me. I was not going to say yes to him -- I am not going to confirm anybody's belief. I had to say no, I had to deny, just to destroy his belief, because all beliefs are barriers to knowing the truth. Theist or atheist, all beliefs, Hindu or Christian or Mohammedan, all beliefs are barriers. "And the person with whom I remained silent was the right inquirer. He had no belief, hence there was no question of destroying anything. I kept silent. That was my message to him: Be silent and know. Don't ask, there is no need to ask. It is not a question which can be answered. It is not an inquiry but a quest, a thirst. Be silent and know. I had answered him also; through my silence I gave him the message and he immediately followed it -- he also became silent. I closed my eyes, he closed his eyes; I looked in, he looked in, and then something transpired. That's why he was so much overwhelmed, he felt so much gratitude, for the simple reason that I did not give him any intellectual answer. He had not come for any intellectual answer; intellectual answers are available very cheap. He needed something existential -- he needed a taste. I gave him a taste."
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    Is Kadar Basa Nahi Koi

    Tujhe Mila Nahi Humsa Koi, Humein Mila Nahi Tujhsa Koi…… Ye To Kismat Ki Baat Hai, Ki Humari Nazar Me Is kadar Basa Nahi Koi……..
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    Pyara sa Khwab

    Sochte hai ek gulab bhej de,chahte hai mehtab bhej de,ja rahe ho sone to Dil karta hai…aapki palko pe ek Pyara sa khwab bhej de.Good Night
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    Band Hoonton Ne Apka Naam Liya

    Aaj Jo Uthe Haath Dua Ki Khatir Band Hoonton Ne Apka Naam Liye Jo Dena Chaha Khuda Ne Mujhe Kuch Woh Sab Mein Ne Aap Ke Liye Mang Liya.
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    Koi nahi Hai Sath mera..

    Firte rahe hum abbr main, Dhundte rahe hum sath apno k, Koi nahi hai sath mera, Kisse kaheta tamanna apne dil ka, Subha hote he ye chand,taare chhod chale jaate, Tho raat main suraj kirne dena bhul jaate.
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    Itnha Kya Poochtey Ho...

    Mat kar khaak k putley pe gharoor-0-beniazi itni… Khud ko khudi mein jhaank kr dekh tujh mein rakha kya hai! ` Jo fursat mile to chand se Mere dard ki kahani poch lena, Ek wohi to hai hamraaz mera tere so jany k baad. ` Hum se bewafai ki inteha kya pochtey ho???
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    Hum Na Jeet Saken Wo Aisi Shart Lagane Lage, Pyari Si Ankho Ko Hamari Ankho Se Ladane Lage, Jeet Jatein Hum Unse Par Palak Humne Jhapka Li, Kynki Unki Pyari Si Ankho Mein Se Ansu Ane Lage.
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    Effects of Music on us

    THE MUSIC-MOOD CONNECTION Music affects the body and the brain in three ways simultaneously... Music's rhythms affect your heartbeat. The heart tends to speed up and slow down to match the pace of the music that's playing. Rhythms also alter our brain waves and breathing patterns. Other types of music induce us to move our bodies. In addition to hearing music, we feel the vibrations of music and other sounds on our skin and in our bones. It is the impact of these vibrating sounds on the body that subtly alters our mood and many of our body functions--particularly blood pressure, pulse and body temperature. Melodies stay in your head like a second language. Music with strong, hummable melodies takes on a greater meaning--and affects your mood just by recalling them. Researchers have found that whatever an individual's music preferences, music by Mozart--more than any other composer--invariably calms the listener's mind and body rhythms, improves spatial perception and promotes better communication of emotions, concepts and thoughts. Background:The highly organized structure and many rhythms, melodies and high frequencies of Mozart?s music stimulate and charge the creative and motivational regions of the brain. However, you don't have to listen only to Mozart--or even classical music. Everything from Gregorian chant to New Age, jazz, big band, Latin, dance and rock compositions can produce different benefits. Harmony affects your emotions helping you to release painful or angry feelings or boost happy feelings. Sing Whenever/Wherever You Can Singing in the shower may be healing to your brain. Song has long been known to have healing qualities. You can often tell that a person is in a good mood if they are humming or singing. Song is a true joy of life, no matter how you sing. We have seen how the temperaments of our's change when we sing together. We could be having a terrible day, but when we start singing, often we forget our cares and feel better. Preschool and kindergarten teachers have known for a long time that children learn best through songs. They remember the material easier and it is easier to keep them engaged in the activity. So why do we stop singing in the second or third grade? Perhaps we should continue the singing into later grades. Sing whenever and wherever you can. You may have to sing softly if your voice is like mine (). It will have a healing effect on your temporal lobes, and probably your limbic system as well. What u thinking ,share your views about this Keep singing
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    Nadan Dil

    Ankho me ansu fir b hotho pe muskan q h? kyu dohri jindgi jite ha hum,akhir har koi pareshan q h? Gulshan ha agar zindgi ka safar to fir iski manzil shamshan q h? Jb pyar ka matlb hi judai hai to fir pyar krne wala hairan q h? Acha karam karna hi hai zindgi agr to burai ka rasta itna asan q h? Agr jina hi hai marne ke liye to zindgi ek vardan q h? Kabi na milega jo,use hi lag jata hai dil, akhir Dil itna nadan q h?
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    Der se Happy Birthday to you

    To dear Ravinder ohlyam ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Happy Birthday to You Manny many happy returns of the day
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    Washington, May 18 (ANI): Almost every user likes to share everything on their Facebook page but certain updates can lead to criticism, embarrassment and even job termination. So here's a shortlist of what you shouldn't share on the social networking site, reports CBS news. 1.That your job sucks. If you say this, you could be fired. 2.That you hate your ex. In the event that you and your boyfriend get back together, or you and that friend you had a falling out with start talking again, you'll look like a total sucker. It's okay to let your emotions govern your thoughts but keep your feelings off your Facebook until you've started to think clearly about said ex. The important thing to remember about social networks is that although you have the option to delete your comments, sometimes it can be too late. It's immediate and someone might've laid eyes on it before your retraction. 3.That you're going on vacation and then give the dates you're away. You could be robbed. A recent study found that thieves scan social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter for folks in targeted neighbourhoods before they strike. 4.That you love yourself. In fact, don't give any indication that you're your biggest fan. Your followers will only think the opposite. It's the biggest barometer of insecurity. Researchers at the University at Buffalo also found that women who base their self-worth on appearance and what people think of them tend to upload pictures very frequently. 5.That you're mean. Saying mean things about people can only make you undesirable-for potential employers, dates, friends and strangers. (ANI) Source
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    Tu zindagi me aaya to,bahar banke dil pe chaya to, Zindagi jeene ke sau bahane mile, Roothe dil ko manane k sau bahane mile, mera dil tha soya,mene khud ko tha khoya, tu aaya to,mere dil pe chaya to,mera dil muskura utha, jhoom kar gaa utha, tujhse milke mai khud se mili, kali banke phir se khili, khushboo banke tu aaya, mere jism-o-jaan me tu chaya, is zameen se us falak tak,tu hi tu hai, meri nazar se dekh har taraf bus tu hi tu hai, ek pal bhi katta nahi ab tere bin, jeena mushkil sa lagta hai ab tere bin, in saanson se is dhadkan tak, tu basta hai, meri muskurahton me ab tu jhalkta hai, khud ko bhul jaaun, itna pyaar dena chahti hun tujhe, teri muskurahton k moti ki mala pirona chahti hun mai, rab kare teri ye muskurahat kabhi madham na ho, tere jeevan me kabhi gum na ho, duniya ki har khushi ho tere sath, aur tera har gum ho mere sath.
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    what love is.?

    Why don't you, try and teach me, what love is. Is it the kiss of your lips, or the breath of your sweet words? Is it the way you make my heart beat fast whenever I think of you, or is it, that I can't go a second without thinking of you. Is love finding someone you can live with, or someone you can't live without?
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    Best Friend

    Sab se achchha mera yaar hai, Uski harek shayari mein kitna PYAAR hey, Agar na aaya uska SMS ek DIN to MERA MOBILE rakhna BEKAAR hey
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    Best Friend

    Tushar friend from Delhi just now What is the differnece between TRUTH & LIES? TRUTH is a Debit Card Pay First & Enjoy Later LIES is the Credit Card Enjoy first & Pay Later !!! GN
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    How do you define the word “Relationship”? Is it really just a word or is there something more behind this word? What exactly is relationship? Is it defined by the norms of society, or your expectations define it or your feelings??? A relation where you are attached to the other person, where you have expectations from the other person and vice-versa does that relation feels good or a relation in which you are free in every sense, is that better? If we are supposed to be detached without expectations then what exactly is left in a relation? Isn’t that what relations are made up of?? Without expectations?? Unconditional?? Really?? Is there anything in this world that is unconditional?? Except God’s love I guess Waiting eagerly for a answer Aarushi
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    शरीर पर तिल होने का फल माथे पर---------बलवान हो ठुड्डी पर--------स्त्री से प्रेम न रहे दोनों बांहों के बीच--यात्रा होती रहे दाहिनी आंख पर----स्त्री से प्रेम बायीं आंख पर-----स्त्री से कलह रहे दाहिनी गाल पर-----धनवान हो बायीं गाल पर------खर्च बढता जाए होंठ पर----------विषय-वासना में रत रहे कान पर----------अल्पायु हो गर्दन पर----------आराम मिले दाहिनी भुजा पर-----मान-प्रतिष्ठा मिले बायीं भुजा पर------झगडालू होना नाक पर----------यात्रा होती रहे दाहिनी छाती पर-----स्त्री से प्रेम रहे बायीं छाती पर------स्त्री से झगडा होना कमर में-----------आयु परेशानी से गुजरे दोनों छाती के बीच----जीवन सुखी रहे पेट पर----------उत्तम भोजन का इच्छुक पीठ पर---------प्राय: यात्रा में रहा करे दाहिने हथेली पर------बलवान हो बायीं हथेली पर------खूब खर्च करे दाहिने हाथ की पीठ पर--धनवान हो बाएं हाथ की पीठ पर---कम खर्च करे दाहिने पैर में---------बुद्धिमान हो बाएं पैर में----------खर्च अधिक हो
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    A real Man......

    @ Smilyflower... bcoz the blog will tell how to live with style....
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    A real Man......

    A Good Message for a Good Person from a Good Friend for a Good reason At a Good time on THE Good day to say GOOD MORNING:)
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    Love over Friendship??

    This is a good post with a good topic Here i tried to answer your post as per my thinking More over this type of critical situations can be find in friends are of opposite sex and they have to face this situation very wisely but not by loosing friend .Based on this topic there are so many films ,stories are there with various types of solution First i say do not give the friendship in the hand of situations or reasons. Try to hold it tiet Which freindship loose by reasons or situation cannot be said the best friendship.Reasons and situation are the test or criteria to make strong relation Though the both friendship and love are the matter of heart but they are diffrent in meaning. A guy can propose and girl can refuse this is matter of love and far from friendship. So do not let to suffer freindship They both have to remember that things are not happen or go as we like or as we think in the world and also should not forget that we are human being with immotional feeling. This constant truth can be give thought of forgiveness. Forgiveness is better then to forget each other . FORGETTING OR LOOSING WILL BE NOT FAIR IN ANY CONDITION. If they loose their friendship the lost may not recoverable. If they come over this situation this will be heights to their friendship ,few can only reach that point qurbani ka doosara naam dosti hai
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    candel problem

    I will burn first candle from both sides and the second one from one side. Now after 30 mins. the first candle will finish. At that time i'll burn 2nd candle from other side too. so it will finish after 15 mins.
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    Hum tum

    Kaash hum tum ajnabi hote Jis tarha log hua karte hain Be talluq se , be taarruff se Kaash hum tum ajnabi hote Beqaraari na be kali hoti Na mukamal na Zindagi hoti Yun na hoti khwahishein Dil main Zindagi bhi na hoti mushkil main Aanso'on se na dosti karte Apne Dil se na dushmani karte Doosron ki tarha hum bhi khush rehte Kaash hum tum ajnabi hote ........!!!!
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    Good day everyone, A couple of thoughts for today.. The key to contentment is appreciation for what we have. Every time you want to grumble, think of others who have less; Ask the GOD to keep you humble, grateful for each happiness. Ramesh Ramnani
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    G-get up O-open ur eyes O-out of ur bed D-day has risen M-merry life O-old dreams cum true R-rise$shine N-new frnds I-ideas of life N-nice future G-GOODDAY 4 U! In short GOOD MORNING

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