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Positive Zeal
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Dil ki awaaz

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Ret pe naam kabhi hum likhte nahin,

Ret pe likhe naam kabhi tikte nahin.

Log kehte hain hum Patthar-Dil hain,

Lekin Patthar pe likhe naam kabhi mitte nahi.


Raat hogi to chand duhai dega,

Khawabon mein aapko woh chehra dikhai dega,

Yeh mohabbat hai zara sochke karna,

Ek aansoo bhi gira toh sunai dega.

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ret par naam likhne se kya fayada ,

ret per likhoge tikeka nahin ,

tumne pathar ka dil humko keh to diya,

patharon par likhoge mitega nahin .

really good one

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