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Should I retake the GRE Exam?

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Should I retake the GRE Exam?

This is a tricky question. Assuming you can afford to retake the test

and the dates are available, there are a couple of other criteria that you

should keep in mind when making this decision:

(a) Do you have enough time ?

If the first time you took your GRE was already kind of cutting it

close (late October or so), you will have little time to do any more

substantial preparation.

(B) Will it help ?

If the reason your first test did not go so well was because of poor

time management or factors other than lack of preparation, retaking

the test might make more sense. However, you should take

steps to ensure that the same factors do not appear the second time

you take the test. So, if the cause was, say, lack of time management

then you should do more practice with actual timed tests to

make sure that you figure out how to best manage those precious

minutes. If it was silly mathematical mistakes, practicing will help

there as well.

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