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shades of "RED" and its analysis

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RED Is the colour of rashness, energy, of soldier, restlessness and revolution. this colour has greatest vibratory force and most powerful of all colours.It is assigned to planet "JUPITER". It is choosen colour of the Revolutionists and anarchist.

People who like Red are usually stout and strong with strong and robust outlook. It shows virility and vitality. They are zealous, bold rash, determined and have endurance.Adventorous and love the life joy.Courage, sacrifice and martyrdom, love of sport and passionate are the other traits of such persons.The people who use red colour are generally optimistic , entusiastic with high spirits, they do action for the welfare of the society. But such person need guidance for tehir proper development. Red colour is assigned to MARS and protector of female.

The physical vitality of body depend upon the correct and sufficient intake of red rays. This rays helps heat and body temperature, circulation of blood, psycologically this ray is effective for nervous system giving more confidence,will power and courage. For the person suffering from anaemia, paralysis, irregular circulation of blood and mental depression, the use of red ray is recommended.



The person who have the liking for Pink colour are social, helpful to other specially the low class, they have deep real love rather than more admiration, are of mild nature without jealousy or malefic. They are sensitive, easily hurt, have depression which are of short duration. The dareker the Red hue, the more depressive mood need to be controlled well in time. The lighter the shade of pink,the more loving, gentle and human nature the wearer possesses.

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