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A question often comes into my mind……… What exactly is surrender?     Whenever you are in some problem you often here, just surrender to God….. just surrender to his will…… what does this phrase exactly mean???   How to surrender, what to surrender??

In my opinion  there is another phrase that explains it better……. Go with the flow…… trusting the universe(God) that He has a plan for you. 


This doesn’t mean that u shouldn’t have opinions or choices, or you shouldn’t make efforts to achieve ur goals.  it just means that even if your choices are not fulfilled, having faith that it’s for the best.

It’s a beautiful experience to just wait and watch what life has to offer you, picking up the opportunities thrown in your way.

Just for today have faith that the Almighty has a plan for you, and whatever comes your way, happiness, sadness, love, hate whatever….. just embrace it…… Believe from the bottom of your heart that there is a far greater reason behind everything……

When a twig is floating in the sea, you can just see the few nearby waves pushing and pulling the twig up and down, but in actual, what is going on below the surface, what is causing the way, we cannot see. Respect the fact that you cannot have all the answers all the time, you  can’t understand everything.


This universe is a beautiful….. beautiful place…… and everything is so organized…. So how can we doubt that we are not taken care of???? How can we doubt ????

Surrender to me means having faith.  

And taking the leap of faith is as easy as blinking your eyes, our mind complicates it.

Faith is a wonderful thing, it can move mountains.

Just give it a try, and see how amazing your life becomes.

Ups and Downs comes into your life.  Infact,  I’m writing this coz recently  I have been suffering from so much stress, that’s when I realized  that I’m not going with the flow.

So, just for today I’m taking that leap of faith, surrendering myself, and enjoying the ride.






Love And Relations

blog-0197204001364388467.jpgWhenever we see romantic movies, so many times we say, “I wish there was someone who would love me like this”. Or if we already have someone by our side we generally say, “look, that’s so sweet, you never do something like that for me”.

Stop and give it a thought, how many times do we say, “I wish, I could love someone that way”? How many times have we thought about giving love, about enriching someone else’s life with our love?? Never , or maybe just few times, but not much.

We always ask, what will we gain, what am I getting from relationship, we never think about giving. We always crib about how u feel that other person doesn’t love you anymore …… blah blah blah …….. but we never stop to think that other person might also be feeling the same thing. Love is not about how happy the other person makes you, its about how happy do you make the other person. Now some of us will be thinking, oh! I think about my partner all the time, I always give him/her my best, I do this and that for them. Beware , Be aware, there is no such thing as unselfish deed in this world. Whenever u do something you do it for your own self. Think about it, when you do something for your partner, you do it coz it makes your partner happy, which in turn makes you happy, or u might do things coz you think they are your responsibilities, But you do it for your own self. Be aware of this , take responsibilities for your action.

But even if we do all of the above things, there still remains a emptiness inside somewhere. A craving for something unknown. That emptiness can only be filled by His Love. The unconditional love. Love that is not limited to just one person, love that knows no limits. You see, human relationships are not meant to satisfy you, they never satisfy you eternally. No matter how strong bond you share with another human being, it will fade away eventually.

Human relations are like mock tests, just to make our preparations better. We have to dissolve in another human being before we can dissolve in That Ultimate.

Love is a subjective term. Everyone has his/her own defination of love. But one universal defination might be that “Love is a feeling”. That’s it, love is a feeling. But nnnoooo …… its not enough for our minds, how can it be, it has no conditions, no limits?? We crave to be loved that too on our own terms and conditions. Anything less won’t do. Can we be more selfish? Actually, that’s the wrong question. The question is, how ignorant can we be, not to see this? Not to be aware what our mind and ego is doing to our love and relationships???

(This article is inspired by- Osho)




How do you define the word “Relationship”? Is it really just a word or is there something more behind this word?

What exactly is relationship? Is it defined by the norms of society, or your expectations define it or your feelings???

A relation where you are attached to the other person, where you have expectations from the other person and vice-versa does that relation feels good or a relation in which you are free in every sense, is that better?

If we are supposed to be detached without expectations then what exactly is left in a relation? Isn’t that what relations are made up of??

Without expectations?? Unconditional?? Really??

Is there anything in this world that is unconditional??

Except God’s love I guess

Waiting eagerly for a answer




Life is a journey and I agree that all of us are on our individual journey. We meet new people at every step in our lives. These fellow travelers walk with us for a while and then they go on their own ways. But some of these people become so special so precious for you, that you don’t want to loose them. They guide you with their love and wisdom with so much care. There presence make your journey more beautiful, your life seems much more meaningful. They bring out the best in you. They bring you closer to your real identity. But sometimes they can’t walk by your side all the through your life. They have to make other people’s lives more beautiful. They have different purpose in life, different roles to play. Even if they leave, their footprints stays. Their Love Care and Wishes stays with you, filling your every moment with a sweet fragnance.

Some relations are beyond this world, they are soul relations. You might be on this journey with or without your soul mate by your side, but their essence always stays in your heart, in your soul.





I packed my bags and was on my way. To where? I don’t know. Why? I wasn’t told. I met many travelers on my way,some took my hand and showed me the way,some weren’t that nice and they pushed me away. Some walked with me a long way, some dumped me on mid way. But this has made me realize that people might come,people might go,they might stay, they might leave. Its not in my hands, its not upto me. Its their choice. And actually it doesn’t matter, coz we all are on our own journeys, and this journey is Mine. All its punishments and all its rewards are mine. It doesn’t matter what road I choose. This journey is gonna end someday, somewhere. What matters is the journey. My Journey. what matters is the lessons I learn on this journey, the experiences I have on this journey. What matters is the happiness I felt when there was a companion by my side, the sadness, the fear I felt on cold scary nights. That’s My journey. Made up of lots of Moments, some happy some sad,moments that I cherish. I’m so glad I’ve chosen to come on this journey.




I can’t say that I’m a victim of destiny. I’m not cribbing, “Why me, o Lord?” But yes I’ve had my share of problems, have faced my share of hurts n pains. One thing that these adverse situations have taught me is that you can win any battle in life with the attitude of gratitude.

Its simple. Just be greatful with what u have received in life. Every moment it gift, a present from the almighty, be thankful for it. Every moment is a miracle. Realize your every breath, every heartbeat is a miracle. Life is beautiful. Love it. Cherish it. Every moment is a new one, and you can be a new person every moment.

You are the co-writer of this play called life. Destiny has given you this role, but you surely can make modifications and changes in your individual characters. Destiny decides the situations and circumstances in your life. But its you who decides how to react to these circumstances, how to handle these situations.

And I choose to react in happily. I choose to love life, to live life happily, I choose to be greatful for all the love, care, happiness, joys, tears, hurts and pains in my life.

Thank you Thank you Thank you Lord for every moment of this life, for these breaths, for these heartbeats. For all the love and care you send me through your angels. Thank you for all the hurts and pain because it made me a better and a stronger person.

Every situation in my life has brought me closer to You God, and I’m greatful for it.

Thank you



From: Duality

Do you think Ram can exist without Ravana? Would Ramayan be complete without Ravana? Life is the manifestation in duality. What value will Love have, without hate?

White is said to be the color of Love, color of Purity. Ever wondered why? It is because when you break white color you get seven colors of the rainbow. Same way love is the total of all the emotions. Hate, Jealousy, Greed are as much part of Love as Forgiveness, Kindness and Compassion. Difference is just in their frequency. Every color vibrates at its own frequency. So does every emotion. Positive emotions vibrate at higher frequencies than negative emotions. When someone vibrates at lower frequency he/she displays negative emotions and vice versa. But if someone is vibrating at a lower frequency, that doesn’t make him less Divine.

Ravana was not any less Divine than Ram. Hasn’t it been for Ravana, we wouldn’t be knowing Ram as we know him today. Everything in this world, good or bad, has its own importance. Negative is the basic necessity for positive to exist. Love is the basic necessity for Hate to exist. Death is the basic necessity for Life to exist.

(The article is inspired by –Die, o yogi die by Osho &

Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch)


Source: Duality