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  3. We all want to be happy, But what actually the happiness is ... Is it a final destination ? I want to hear from you , your experience , your feelings, what comes in your mind when you feel happy ... How you wanna make yourself happy...
  4. I got 34. What is the right answer?
  5. I will say 9 is the answer.
  6. Solve the puzzle
  7. nice
  8. hhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  9. Remove repeated entries easily in Excel

    Imagine you have a huge spreadsheet of entries and you need to check to make sure that there are no repeated records. Now, you can go through each entry and manually check, but visualize checking 10,000records for this. Time consuming, isn’t it? Fortunately, Excel comes with a ‘Remove Duplicates’ feature. Select a range of data, click the Data tab and then click Remove Duplicates.This will bring up a new window in which you can specify the columns in which Excel would check. After clicking OK, Excel will then remove all duplicate records.
  10. For All Those who are ALONE today.. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY... Cheers!!!!
  11. 10 Reasons why you should have make a computer your valentine! 1. A Computer can wait for you forever. 2. A Computer does not compare you with it’s past users 3. A Computer does not mind if you have a Computer at home and in the office. 4. A Computer won’t say lets just be friends. 5. You can mute the computer whenever you want. 6. It’s easy to turn on a computer. 7. You never have to say sorry no matter what you do to it. 8. You don’t have to give it expensive Valentine gifts, New Year gifts, Birthday gifts, Anniversary gifts. 9. You can upgrade your computer if you are not satisfied with its performance or specifications. 10. There's always Ctrl + Alt + Del.... * GOT IN AN E-MAIL
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