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  2. We all want to be happy, But what actually the happiness is ... Is it a final destination ? I want to hear from you , your experience , your feelings, what comes in your mind when you feel happy ... How you wanna make yourself happy...
  3. All data is created equal, right? A few missing pieces of information here and there, a few duplicate addresses - no big deal, right? The fact is, poor data quality can manifest itself in a variety of ways in the typical organization. Some of the impact is on the IT staff and the more sophisticated technical decision makers, as more time is required to cleanse and prepare data for analysis. However, the biggest impact is felt by business users forced to make critical decisions based on a shaky foundation of data. In this Knowledge Brief from Aberdeen Group, learn how effective data preparation can have a substantial positive impact on these users. Request Free! Download
  4. Duplicated. Corrupted. Incomplete. Absent. Late. If any of these adjectives apply to your most important information, you might just have a data quality problem. While the business impact of poor data quality can be frightening, the benefits of high data quality are just as enticing. In this report from Aberdeen Group, discover the tangible benefits that quality data can bring to an organization. The research also suggests that in order to get to a higher level of data quality, organizations should focus on three key activities: data preparation, diversity of data usage, and data sharing and collaboration. Request Free! Download
  5. What are the benefits you could expect from improving collaboration at your organization? Consider the percentage of executives, surveyed by Oxford Economics, who agreed that increased collaboration was having a measurable impact in these areas: Cost savings from new initiatives – 60 percent Better management of supply risk and compliance – 57 percent Driving additional revenue – 45 percent Download this in-depth think piece to find out how increased collaboration can help reshape your procurement function. You'll learn how collaboration is on the rise within organizations and outside the firewall. You'll discover how more than 1,000 procurement executives and practitioners worldwide are practicing and benefiting from new levels of collaboration. And you'll get insight into which technologies and operational changes are supporting these changes. Request Free! Download
  6. Procurement organizations today need to be more strategic, collaborative, and technology-driven. Is yours up to the task? Does your team have the technology know-how, the understanding of supplier relationships, and the ability to collaborate with internal partners – all while understanding the broader business well enough to support more strategic projects? If not, Oxford Economics says you need to tackle these talent issues head on. Download this think piece to learn what more than 1,000 of your peers are doing about the human challenge in procurement, including: Evaluating skillsets needed in today's market Finding and retaining the best employees Developing on-the-job training and development plans Engaging and motivating employees Request Free! Download
  7. Digital technology is fundamentally changing procurement today while also shaping its future. That's no secret. But how has it impacted your day-to-day work as compared to that of your peers? Do they value different technologies than you do? Do they see the future differently than you? Download this report from Oxford Economics to find out. Their survey reveals the views that 1,000 executives and practitioners have about… The real impact of new technologies, like business networks The value of mobility, cloud, social, and other technologies The pace of procurement automation Today's best tools for mitigating risk Request Free! Download
  8. What do you think the future holds for procurement? And do you think your predictions line up with those of your peers? You can find out by downloading this overview of a recent Oxford Economics global survey involving more than 1,000 procurement executives and practitioners. It covers a wide range of topics that matter to your future, from global trends and supplier relationships to job satisfaction and organizational structure. See what your peers in procurement have to say about… Whether the organizational structure of procurement will develop as it becomes more strategic How procurement talent can be developed and what capabilities will drive change in the function How technology and a collaborative mindset are transforming procurement Why our KPIs and time investments do not always mirror our vision and goals Five years ago, Ariba gathered a group of executives and asked them to predict how procurement would evolve by 2020. Are their predictions coming true? Don't miss this eye-opening investigation. Request Free! Download
  9. Saying goodbye can be difficult and uncomfortable, but procurement doesn't have a choice. Business as usual is no longer an option, according to Oxford Economics' future-of-procurement research. Download this think piece to see how more than 1,000 procurement executives and practitioners view the evolution of procurement, with a focus on day-to-day operations and KPIs. You'll learn how… Executives and practitioners do not always see eye-to-eye on which KPIs to measure Strategic work with suppliers is the leading area executives want to see their organizations emphasize in day-to-day work Managing increased categories of spend presents different challenges to executives and non-executives Request Free! Download
  10. In this white paper, you will learn five “start here” strategies essential to world-class creative operations and creative services teams and: Keep high volumes of photo and video assets from choking creative production Streamline team collaboration and give people the access they need Protect asset rights and protect your organization from the risk of misuse Don't miss this white paper! Request Free! Download
  11. Looking for ways to collaborate better with your business partners, beyond just better document exchange? Then you're probably evaluating B2B e-commerce networks. But that landscape – and your options – are quickly changing, making your way forward harder to nail down. Traditional EDI, supplier networks, and industry-based networks are being commoditized and you and your business partners on both the buy-side and the sell-side of the house need to determine which vendors will best meet your collaborative network needs, now and in the future. To help, Forrester spells it all out in this new report, explaining how… Business networks are the emerging linchpin for B2B e-commerce Traditional networks are converging in the race to become business networks You can balance your current supplier network needs with the emerging business networks We don't think you'll find a more comprehensive and balanced analysis of today's network vendors. Request Free! Download
  12. Project financing has changed over the years to include a more multi-faceted structure. In the past the purpose of the financing may have been to simply build a facility however, today, it is not uncommon for a single project to be divided into multiple phases or be composed of multiple facilities in order to meet the long range goals of the project. The financing for this type of structure may include multiple loan types with different parameters, include additional time frames for equity contributions or other types of cash infusions or include conditional lenders such as a swap counterparty or a letter of credit provider. This level of complexity requires that your chosen Depositary Bank and Collateral Agent understand how these phases affect the cash flow and assignment of collateral to the Secured Parties. Request Free! Download
  13. The threat of hacking may be the most damaging on the internet. Technology is changing the way we live, work, and play, but it can leave your personal information dangerously exposed. Your online safety is at risk and the threat of information being stolen from your device is at an all- time high. Your identity is yours, yet it can be compromised if you don't protect it. Use this knowledge to protect yourself and your business, today! The following kit contents will help you continue your research on Security: Mobile Security: How to Secure, Privatize, and Recover Your Devices 4 Best Practices for Monitoring Cloud Infrastructure You Don't Own 3 Things Network Teams Need to Know Top Tips for Securing Big Data Environments Request Free! Download
  14. The challenges in today's wired data centers are endless. IT professionals must control data center environments, track remote locations, and manage complex and constantly changing equipment and the wires that connect them — all while striving to contain costs. Download this white paper and learn about: The challenges companies face in lowering energy costs Ways in which companies are rethinking data center management approaches The six leading advantages of wire-free sensor networks. Request Free! Download
  15. Over 2,000 consumers were surveyed on their banking preferences, and the results may surprise you. Even in a digital world, consumers want to go into a branch when they need assistance – in fact, 43% of consumers visit their branch at least 10 times per year. A majority of respondents, however, are only willing to wait less than 10 minutes for service. Providing consumers with fast, personalized service will be a key differentiator for banks in 2016. Request Free! Download
  16. In this guide you will discover just how vulnerable unsecured devices can be, and explore effective methods of mobile device management and identity protection to ensure your data's security. There will be special sections detailing extra precautions to ensure the safety of family members and how to secure your device for use at work. What You Will Learn Discover how mobile devices are monitored Identify threats to you, and your family's privacy Ensure the safety of your device and identity Recover from being hacked Deal with a compromised or lost device Learn in detail about device support and insurance in detail Request Free! Download
  17. Did you know that the Corporate Executive Board found that only 21 percent of the global workforce aligns their work with the strategic priorities of their company? For leaders, that's a troubling statistic, and it only reflects one aspect of the misalignments, both vertical and horizontal, that plague so many modern organizations. Set your company on a better path with a systematic approach to transforming your team from a loose collection of people into a cohesive network—one that works together toward a compelling shared purpose. Request Free! Download
  18. Businesses need to have their websites seen in order to be competitive. This is why Search Engine Optimization has become such an important factor in website development. This simple guide helps you understand what these backlinks mean and how to analyze and improve them. Request Free! Download
  19. What is the impact of a bad sales meeting? How does perception differ between the Sales and Marketing departments? For B2B sales organizations, 60% of the time it means lost opportunities and lengthened sales cycles. Most notably, a bad meeting results in lost revenue a whopping 72% of the time! Oftentimes, this loss isn't just temporary. According to the report by Demand Metric, 70% of the time it takes months to years to restore relationships after a bad sales meeting. Download the full report today to read about other key findings. Request Free! Download
  20. Spring Framework knowledge will help you get selected into Java interviews. This eBook will help you refresh your knowledge about Spring Framework and help you get ready for an interview. It covers interview questions in the following areas: Spring Core - DI, AOP, Bean Spring MVC Spring DAO Spring Security Request Free! Download
  21. Over the last few years, VMI is has become a high profile topic in the supply chain industry. Commonly known as VMI or “vendor-managed inventory,” the model is all about improving service levels and reducing risk while optimizing inventory. The various acronyms, such as VMI, VMR, and SMI, can be confusing, but all refer to different models of inventory management by a third party: the supplier. Request Free! Download
  22. This infographic highlights the key results from a survey conducted by Gatepoint Research on Vendor Managed Inventory Strategies. You can see what executives said about their current VMI strategy, how they are using it, the visibility and more. Request Free! Download
  23. Outsourcing manufacturing is becoming a well-established approach for companies that want to strategically manage materials in today’s fast-paced business environment. To find out if outsourcing has truly been fulfilled over the past two decades, Peerless Research Group (PRG), on behalf ofSupply Chain Management Review and E2open, conducted a survey of 94 top supply chain executives. Read this report for a summary of the results and what respondents had to say about outsourcing manufacturing. Request Free! Download
  24. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems have always done a good job of managing the internal business processes of an organization. But in today's global trading networks, business processes—and their associated risks—extend far beyond the traditional four walls of the enterprise, calling on the coordination and cooperation of hundreds, or even thousands, of organizations around the globe. In this white paper, we explore the widespread changes that have produced a fundamentally different marketplace and business model—and the emergence of a new type of solution, one that leverages existing investments already made in ERP systems to enable unprecedented levels of supply chain visibility and collaboration. Request Free! Download
  25. The survey is a continuation of several years of ongoing research. Conducted by Gatepoint Research, 100 executives surveyed came from a wide range of industries including General and High Tech Manufacturing, Retail, and Wholesale Trade. We discovered 36% of those surveyed stated that their organization has too much cash tied up in inventory, and 29% said that they have too much excess and/or obsolete inventory. This survey provides additional insight and identifies common challenges companies currently experience. Request Free! Download
  26. With the promise of cost reduction, skilled labor, and third-party expertise, outsourced manufacturing is a reality for many companies. This infographic highlights the results from a survey conducted on how companies are using outsourced manufacturing today and their level of visibility and collaboration. Request Free! Download
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